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An approximation of leveling time do be determined in BDO Closed Beta Test2 and launch

What most people can agree on that pay to win is getting the best gear by buying it with real money and not earning it through the game with time and effort.But we have to re-evaluate what pay to win is for each game.Black Desert Online has a no level cap meaning the more you play the higher level you will become.


In this game Player Level > Gear > Skill


So with player level being the most important aspect of the game, experience points are the driving PvP force to make your character the strongest. With this being said, in the cash shop you can buy pets that increase experience gain by 15% and a costume that increases gain by 10% for 25% total. 25% doesn't really seem like much but in the long run a player can out level the general public making him nearly invincible to players 2 levels below him.


Im not 100% sure on the time it takes to get to level 50 per class a lot of factors come into play, but I heard the fastest someone did it on CBT1 was 26 hours so will say if you grind non stop from beginning to end it will take roughly 30 hours.


The values below are an approximation of leveling time do be determined in CBT2 and launch.


So to get to lvl 1-50 it will take 30 hours. 


50-51 another 30 hours


51-52 another 90 hours  and so forth times infinity until they raise the soft cap to 55 which could be 3-8 months depending on the localization team. 


So the most hardcore players could possibly get to level 56 in 6 months time when everyone else will be level 53 to 54. The good thing about this is those no lifers that get to level 56 will have all there hard work wiped out when the soft cap is raised making it way faster to catch up to them and the race starts all over.




So with that extra 25% experience through the cash shop that will cost you roughly 50-100$ extra pricing has not been set, you can see that buying a permanent experience buff is Pay 2 Win for this game with your player level being the most important part of PvP. 




Take out the leveling experience buff from pets and costumes. Give the pets a buff that only boosts fishing, farming, and collecting. Just leave the combat experience out of it or your game is basically pay to win in regards to how the leveling system works.


Keep in mind that our version is not going to be the same as the Ko/Jp/Ru versions and gear enchants only go up to +15. Getting the best gear in our game will be relatively simple until the enchanting system that goes to +20 is implemented.