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BDO pve players can harass pvp players / we need proper flagging system

I was farming earlier and it was all good and everything until some guy comes and starts stealing my mobs. So i kill this guy and we're both 51 lvl on the same spot it was obvious that im going to attack him and it was a pure 1v1, and then i lose my karma and then this process repeats several times (with different people) and in the end some warrior comes and starts attempting to ks me, i tried provoking him all kinds of ways - flaming him, ksing him, standing in front of him and spamming attacks, etc, but he just didnt hit me back so i got mad and i pked him once, he came back, twice, he came back third time and i had 10k karma left at that point and i couldn't do anything.


so how in the world is it fair for a pve player/troll that prefers to lose his own time just to sabotage you , fair? he loses a bit of xp but its much easier to gain that xp back than it is to get the karma back, i literally cant do shit to him anymore and he can just force me to either move out either lose out on xp and yes sure he loses too but why do i care if he loses his xp when hes sabotaging me? Its a very shitty logic to live by " i dont care if im good as long as the person next to me is just as bad as me" 


I heard that this game had L2's flagging system in CBT in Korea but it was removed because pve whiners were whining too much, well guess what, if you think we ruin your game by pking you then you ruin my life by existing, hows that even remotely fair?


The karma loss per kill should be reduced if you kill someone within 2-3-4 levels of you and in a fair fight (since the game already somehow detects if a person gets zerged or not). In a pure 1v1 scenario the karma loss should be either much lower, either we should have flagging system like lineage 2, basically you hit someone or declare pvp and you stay flagged for like 30 seconds and if anyone hits you in that time it counts as pvp and there are no penalties whatsoever. This system is perfect and the most fair i suppose, it cannot be abused. If a guy is farming and you flag him and he refuses to hit you back but continues farming then you can just go near a mob and he'll hit you want it or not and this is fair because otherwise how the fuk is it fair that he can steal your mobs and ks you and you cant do anything about it and hows that not considered harassment and abuse like pking is? because to me this is much worse  


As far as i know this was the reason why this system was removed in Korea. Because you could flag and go near a mob and force the enemy to flag on you and kill him, but how exactly are you forcing him to hit a mob near which you stand? Its his own greed that makes him hit the friggin mob. If he sees you flagged he must realize you have intention to fight and if he choses to remain there without addressing the issue then he is greedy and he is the harasser in this case and currently the system favors exactly people like this. You may not think its that bad but wait until you find someone with plenty of time and too much pride that he can't swallow , like it happened to me multiple times today. I like when i fight someone and i win and he doesn't come back out of respect or whatever or if he *does* come back it is for a rematch but i absolutely hate when i fight someone and i kill him and he comes back and starts trying to sabotage me.


Im only making this thread because im fishing and i dont know what else to do while between bites and im pretty sure this issue will not get addressed or answered because there are many issues which haven't even been addressed. (Like cash shop being empty or mixmatching costumes not being an option or hide costume button not working) 

if we had a proper pvp / pk system ,nobody would force these people to leave outside of the city - sounds fair to you? sure does sound fair to me, nice logic bro. 


penalty for defending your pve spot but no penalty for dying 5 times in a row to exhaust his karma and then sabotaging his xp and making him waste x2 of the time required while hiding behind a flawed system , totally fair.


like this warrior i killed 3 times and he kept coming back , he had too much pride to just leave so he decided to ruin us both - despite the fact i was stronger, how fair is that ? its not. 


  • Sarah (25/11/2016):
    Rediscover some basic human decency and ask him to move. If someone is polite about it, I move, no problem. If they just jump on me, then I'm going to come back and troll them because apparently that's how they want to play it.
  • Christian (02/06/2017):
    This is why I love strictly PVP worlds. I don\'t need an in-game government to determine how many times I can kill someone else. That\'s like creating a safe space for people inside of a game where no one should feel safe from their character being killed. That\'s some serious snowflake bs IMO. and for the record Sarah, I\'m not asking anyone to do anything of the sort as you suggested. That is literally stepping out of character within the game. That\'s a ridiculous suggestion.