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Black Desert "Unknown" Content

So many things were present on old trailers. I wonder what happened to them. May some have been dropped? Some are yet to come?


The Mysterious Tower

The tower above seems to be pretty important to the lore of the game, since it was there where some priests were messing with Black Stone powers. It was placed somewhere in the desert when the korean servers had their 2nd Closed Beta. Those who played the emulated client of the CBT2 client could go further than the invisible walls could limit them, and there it was. Was the tower placed there only for the recording of cutscenes or they really intend/intended players to adventure there?


Everytime I recall the existence of this tower, I remember one feature planed by Pearl Abyss, where they would add a instanced dungeon with 100 floors for parties. 


Structures at the Snowy Mountains

The very second trailer of the game give us some preview of two structures that seem to be located at the snowy territory (to the south of the map). One of them looks like some kind of fortress and the other one seems to be a simple house. Will they be there when they launch the new region? Perhaps it's Dragan, the habitat of the dwarves? Will it be launched after Kamasylvia, land of the elves? 


Bad Ass Bosses

Black Desert showed us dozens open world bosses that were very exciting to watch on old trailers. A huge golem that wanders on the river below the broken bridge of the Watch Tower, near the Orc Camp! How's that? During the second trailer of the game, the camera even shakes when he passes by. As far as we know, there are a couple more Epic Huge bosses yet to be launched:


The huge Ogre from Mansya Forest is agressive and may kill you, but we cannot defeat him yet;

The huge Ent (tree entity) that walks at the Ent's Forest isn't agressive and we can't even attack it, but it was told that, one day, we would be able to fight him;

The huge Ancient Stone Giant that wanders on the desert's sands, which none has ever seen in-game yet.

So far, we are expecting at least a few more open world bosses, epic or not =P


The Male Ranger!

Also featured on the 2nd trailer of the game, the male ranger have the looks of an elf and is expected for many players for a long time. Perhaps we could expect him to come on Kamasylvia update?


Berserker/Giant's Transformation

The giant used to be capable of transforming itself into some kind of Werewolf. Some files of the game, starting with PGB, refers to his transformation. The feature seem to be dropped a long time ago, but some players were able record some of it.


The Wave/Chain/Formation System

The Wave/Chain/Formation system used to be a inovative feature of Black Desert Online. Players would hit their party/guild members or monsters with different kinds of beams. Players could be arranged in triangular, square, pentagonal shapes, surround bosses with these shapes, causing them to flee or to get weaker/slower. Players could lend their own HPs or APs to friends to hit enemies better and to give them a even powerful skill. This feature has also been dropped during KR CBT's period, but it's not as unknown as the other features listed here.


Herd Hunting

In a old trailer we can also see players hunting common animal herds using javelins and other weapons. It's probably a game feature that they have dropped.


Perhaps I'm forgetting to mention some other features, but these are the ones that I remember for now.


Well, everything of it was given by them through trailers and gameplay videos. Some are inactive, some will come after a while. But they are still live on their official sources.


1.The Mysterious Tower is shown on 2 trailers;

2.The structures on the snowy mountains are in the 2nd trailer;

3.The male ranger was also revealed on the 2nd trailer;

4.The Berserker's transformation can be seen in old gameplay videos, so they released it for a short period of time;

5.The wave system was available for hundreds of players and even has it's own trailer;

6.Herd hunting is also on trailers;


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