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Black Desert b killin' my buzz mon

I knew what I was getting into with this game. I knew it wasn't a perfect game. The friend that gave me the guest pass (who hasn't logged in since launch) warned me about the flaws but I was enjoying the pros up until now I guess. The litany of small flaws have since eaten away at most of my enjoyment of the game.


Where to begin!


Let's start with Velia. I got the ship workshop as soon as I had the CP for it. Made a raft. Took it out. It was sweet. Made a ferry. That was sweet. Went to make another one and did a cost/benefit analysis. I forget but it's a lot of mats for one, what like 75 separate crafting tasks, a lot of worker stamina to make, and sells for I think 300k max. Of which I would net 195k after tax. The mats alone sell for close to that, so making a 2nd failed the cost/benefit analysis before I even got to factoring in the rest of the project. No problem, moving on.


Saw people rolling around in noble wagons and I thought, that's cool! How can I make one? Found out the deets, acquired the mats, made my first noble wagon. Was awesome. Made a 2nd and threw it up on the AH. Listed it 3 times in 3 weeks for 7 days each time, never sold at max price. The whole time there were only like 14 on there. I haven't made another since. What's the point? It's a lot of energy investment (game play) just to assemble the mats, and for what? To make maybe a mil after tax? Hardly worth it given the immensity of the task relative to other ways to make money. No big deal, moving on.


Oh it's world boss time! Better get my ass over to Kzarka when it pops, or whatever other field boss for a chance at a better weapon drop. Ohhhh snap! Noble wagon is too slow. Kzarka dead right as I finally roll up to Serendia Shrine. Damn that's a bummer. Wait what I can enchant a noble wagon wheel for better speed? Ok I'll try that. Slammed some stones onto my noble wagon wheel, and now it's at +7. Lemme give that world boss another shot. Aw damn still too slow to get across the map for a chance at a weapon drop. Lemme slam some more stones into that wheel. Whoa there! Not enough maximum durability to enhance. Ok no problem, lemme grab another noble wagon wheel off the AH to repair durability. 650k later, 10 durability restored. Damn that's only 2 enhancement attempts. I'm going to need another few million in wheels. Well, I also need a few million to enhance my gear. No problem, let's throw that one on the back burner. Meanwhile people are breeding horses and zipping around the map on T6s and T7s. Hmm sounds like I need more stable capacity so I can unhook one of these horses and have a better chance at getting to a chance of loot. Aw damn! Stable increases only apply to one city. That's not going to help me too much if I'm somewhere without a stable or one of the side cities. What to do? I guess I could just dump wagons all together, but that would be a buzzkill. And anyway why can someone on foot outrun a 4 horse wagon? No big deal, lemme craft some stuff up and make some silver for other activities.


Oh what a tool workshop? I can make some tools for my gathering? Great! Lemme snap up some pure iron crystals for 75k each off the AH and get to craftin'. Aw yeah made a full set of shining tools, awesome. Oops accidentally hit repeat on a worker and he crafted an extra tool that I don't need right now. No big deal, lemme sell it on the AH. Ohhh snap! That shining tool I just made for 100k in mats is locked to 19k max on the AH! Wtf! I'm not selling at a loss. No big deal I'll hang on to it and craft something else. Hmm silver embroidered craftsman's costumes sound good. Lemme grab a costume workshop. Bam, I'll slam out one of each and list them on the AH. Yeah, they're going for 600k and even though the mats sell for half that should be a decent money maker. Ok cool! Made some costumes. Lemme list 'em for sale. Whoa what? Down to 400k? Lemme wait for the surplus to sell off so I can actually make a profit here. *checks a week later* Down to 200k. Damn, lost out on that one. Might as well pull my CP out of that ship workshop, wagon workshop, wagon parts workshop, and tool workshop since the crafted items either sell for a forced loss due to the arbitrary price restrictions, take too much game time to be worth the profit to make, mats sell for more than the finished product, or the items just don't sell at all. All right whatever, I'll move that CP into something else and move along.


Black Desert b killin' my buzz mon


Great! I have enough silver to buy a liverto and since none have dropped to me and I've been to Kzarka several times where exactly no loot as dropped, I'll just grab one off the AH. Oh what's this bidding system? Oh I see they added a bidding system for rare items that are expensive. Cool! At least more people have a chance at getting one. Wait what? My bid failed and the item dropped to the general pool? Wtf is that? How can there be no winning bid at all? What's the point of even having a bid system if no one at all wins the bid? Is it just to annoy me? Whatever, I guess I need to hit refresh and click on purchase. 30 timers and 30 failed bids later, an uncomfortable amount of time spent staring at "-" on the AH window, I get a captcha of "one one" on a liverto purchase at 3-4am and win one! Whoa sweeeeeet! Finally have a liverto. Lemme enchant this thing so it's better than my Yuria Staff of Crimson Flame. Nice, got it up pretty far in enhancement level but it's still not high enough damage compared to my enhanced Yuria. No big deal, lemme restore the max durability. Whoa there! What I need memory fragments? Ok. Hmm memory fragments are going for around 600k, and that's to repair 1 durability out of 100. Would actually be cheaper to buy another liverto and repair durability with that, but man that sounds like quite the hassle after what I've been through on the AH. There must be another way. Oh what? Ancient relic crystal shards? Ok no problem. Damn those cost as much as memory fragments but I hear they yield more than they cost. Lemme dump 13 mil into 5 scrolls and join a a 5 scroll group. Wow what everything dies in 2 hits? Ok whatever, at least I got 40 mem fragments. Cool I restored 40 durability to my liverto now I can rinse & repeat enhancement attempts. Hmm, actually after all that I am going to need probably 3 times as many fragments to get this thing up to a usable level. Probably going to take at least 3 more 13 mil buy ins to do that.. wait what? Someone just listed a +15 liverto staff for 30 mil or so! Wtf? How can it cost only 30 mil? It costs 30 mil just to repair maximum durability on a liverto 1 time, and that's only if I do scrolls. With the cost of memory fragments it would cost 3x that. Why am I even enchanting this liverto? Oh that's right my odds of getting a "one one" captcha a 2nd time is very unlikely. I guess I'll just spend 3 or 10 times the cost of a +15 liverto on memory fragments or relic shards. Man, I'm starting to not like what the next few days of gameplay are looking like. Screw it, I'll just buy a few off the AH and do a few enhancement attempts. Oh snap! 0 memory fragments on the AH. Guess I better buy some ancient relic shards. Hmm, only 600 of those left and there were 3000 the other day. Seems as if a lot of people need these things, maybe I should go fishing to acquire some. Ok.


Aw yeah let's clear some inventory and head out into the open seas. Hmm, can't fit all of my stuff into storage. Not quite enough CP (170 ish) to buy more storage and I've already dumped half of my crafting workshops because they're a pointless expenditure of effort. Why don't I sell some mats on the AH? Let's take a look here.. well most of these are rare crafting mats that if I sell I won't be able to buy back later, and even if I did I'd be eating the 35% market tax for my troubles. Makes more sense to hang on to them. Maybe I can throw some of my inv into my wagon? Oh wait half of the items in my inventory are bound to character and won't go into a wagon. Bummer! Ok whatever, I'll fish later when I have space.


Ok what to do now? Well I could level my character with my Yuria, but sure would be nice to use this new weapon. Ah yeah that's right I either need to grind silver or grind relic shards, and that's even if there are any on the AH, which there probably won't be in a few days at the rate the supply has been dwindling. Sounds like soo much fun!!




I can see that a lot of effort was placed into the game engine and very little into game mechanics. Crafting is pointless but that's only because the no profit problem comes from the AH automatic price calculations. Fix calculations = problem solved. Too much to ask or working as intended?


Person running faster than my 4 horse wagon? Improve wagon speed = problem solved. Too much to ask or working as intended?


Hit sprint and race ahead, then teleport back to location I was at before I sprinted. Fix server = problem solved. Too much to ask or publisher not making enough off cash shop for a better performing data center?


Mem fragments / relic shards in rare supply, pain in the ass and boring as hell to enchant livertos. Don't really feel like playing a few days in a row just to repair max durability. I'll go play Max Durability Online. Abolish fixed market prices = might feel a little better upgrading a liverto if they cost 100 mil @+15 instead of 30 mil. Problem solved. Too much to ask or working as intended? Increase memory fragment / relic shard drop rate or make them available from more game activities = problem alleviated. Too much to ask or working as intended?


There are way too many small, easy to fix, maybe one line of code type of fixes to problems that are eating away at the fun factor of the game. And for what? 


Whatever, I'll just watch Game of Thrones instead of playing. Damn, no more new episodes.