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Black Desert BETA — Armor Previews

So i was playing today and i finally discovered an armor smith, bought a helmet and realized there isn't any armor.. isn't it the goal of an mmo.. or any game really, to be rewarded for finishing a task with say armor, a new shield a new sword etc thats called positive reinforcement and its what drives someone to keep playing a game.


to make things worse the only way to look unique (other than character creation) is to spend another 30$ on cash shop costumes, this seems like a greedy move on their part when it could have been easy to add in armor sets, i can go play tera or vindictus in just a few hours for free and get a vast amount of armor choices, vindictus did a good job by letting you mix and match your armor and weapons, and even dye them with in game currency, tera let you dye your armor any color you wanted for free.


those were just examples but what im saying it those games are free.. i paid 30$ for black desert i expected something more


All the MMORPG titles I've played, F2P, B2P and P2P, had more options when it came to armor, huge varieties between design and colors, and on top of that- FREE dyes and glamour! In all MMORPGs only dyes you could get from Cash Shop were "special" dyes, that apart from changing color had a "special" effect, like making your cotton rob look metallic or glow at night. We're talking about basic colors in BDO.


Search "Blade and Soul armor" or "Vindictus armor" or "Final Fantasy XIV armor" or "TERA armor" or even "4 Story armor" in Google images. There's so much variety, so many different models and colors for you to choose from, and if you don't like the armor you got on a higher level, you can glamour it for absolutely free!


Saying "Daum/Pearl Abbyss have to earn money to keep the game going"- yes, they do have to earn money, but they don't have to remove features from the game or limit our options. Just make cute outfits and cool pets and we'll buy them as soon as they hit the store! Although with prices as high as that- maybe they do have to push us to purchase. .-.


And to people saying "BDO has armor variety"- I know some classes have more variety when it comes to armors than others, but look at all free armors you can try on Ranger in CC:


Oh look! It's the SAME DRESS with different accessories on top of it! 5/6 armors! Short, green in white dots, potato-sack-like dresses, just with different stuff put on top! Do you know how 6th one looks like?


Like a different short, green dress! This one just doesn't look like a potato sack! Success! Variety!


How long did it they take them to do those armors?! 5/6 are the same thing! WHY?! They didn't even bother to change the colors to make them look different! >-<


I'm not going to spam more pics here, but just take a look at classes in CC:


- Sorceress has some variety, but you can see elements from basic, default armor recycled to higher lvl armor. 4/6 armors share same pants texture repainted, other 2 share same pants model together, 3/6 armors share same "potato-sack" shirt, 2/6 share same turtle-neck shirt, 1 has unique shirt (success!), 2/6 share same shoes model repainted, rest of shoes are similar but they're not the same


- Valkyrie has 3/7 same dress with different accessories, 2/7 same dress repainted, 2/7 same dress with different accessories. 1 dress has unique shoes so that's something, seeing how other dresses have 2/7 same shoes (1 has armor thrown on top) +2/7 same shoes repainted +2/7 same shoes... 


- Witch has 4/7 same robes (exact same model) repainted and with different accessories, 3/7 same robe repainted and they share one hat model (3/7), 4 remaining hats are unique, 3/7 same shoe model, 3/6 same shoe model (those dress-like robes are literally the same thing but repainted), 1 unique shoe model


- Wizard is same as Witch, 4/7 same robes repainted with different accessories, 3/7 robes only repainted, 3/7 same hat model repainted, 4 unique hats. Same situation as Witch with shoes aswell


- Tamer has 5/6 same armors, repainted and with different accessories (2/6 share a bit different shape of the skirt), sometimes leggings, 3/6 have same shoes, 2/6 share same shoe model (though one is a short boot and one is a tall boot), 1 armor is unique (success)


- Warrior has same situation as Ranger, 5/6 same green tunic, brown pants armor with stuff thrown on top of it, 1 armor unique, 2 unique shoe models


- Berserker has similar situation to Sorcerer, 3/6 same shirt, 3 unique shirts, 3/6 same "skirt", 2/6 same "skirt", 1 unique "skirt", 3/6 same shoe models, 3 remaining... kinda unique shoe models? They're in the same fashion, but they have different models