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Black Desert Horse Skill Training Question

Hello to all the pro breeders out there, perhaps you could help me with your wisdom...


I'm fairly new to the game still, 11 days in, lvl 28 and primarily doing Horse training with a bit of fishing on the side(so far).

For reference my Horse training is up to Skilled-7.


Here's my question. So far I have trained many T3 /T4 horses and finally broke into the T5 realm. Now I am prepping(leveling) a male horse T5F bread from 2 level 4's. I intend to mate it with the T5 female that came with rewards, with both at level 29 for a chance at a T7.

Here's my problem: This T5F started out OK naturally(no enhancements), learned 7 skills by lvl 12. So at level 12 I stopped and took the plunge, got all the training gear I could to maximize/enhance the horses further training, and my own training. Common sense right? Got the Silver Embroidered Training Clothes +1, then the Venia Riding Attire and the complete Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set from the cash shop. My Hawk also learned Training EXP +3%, sweet! The Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set description also says that: "Equipping  4 or more pieces of any gear , regardless of of set, will increase the chance of learn a skill" , very good news.


Black Desert Horse Skill Training Question


Awesome! So on paper, it seems I should squeeze the MAX out of my new horse and myself. So everything went great until I equipped all this stuff and the horse stopped learning all skills, not slowed down, but completely stopped! 13 levels later at lvl 25 it still has the same 7 skills, has not learned 1 single thing, grrr. Did all this gear bug my horse?


After a few failed levels, I also bought the most expensive armor I could afford too(which shouldn't matter), but nothing changed. I tried running with no gear again, and nothing changed. No matter what I do to  this horse, nothing changed, and it WILL NOT learn any new skill. Is this a known bug? I cant believe any RNG could fail to produce 13 times in a row, the chances of that happening are simply astronomical. It's like rolling snake eyes 13 times in a row, its simply not possible. For the record, I leveled most my T3's and T4's to level 20~25ish, and they ALWAYS learned more skills, with ZERO training gear. This is a real let down, especially after the 2 cash shop items. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


So What should I do from here?


1) Should I trash this horse?

2) Should I stop wasting time training it any more?

3) If I breed this horse, will it's "dumbness" be inherited?

4) Should I throw away my training gear?

5) Should I move on to other horses and keep my hopes up?

6) Should I just submit a support ticket, because this really does sound like a problem?


All suggestions are helpful, and I'm a bit afraid that if something is broken, the trend will continue on all my other horses. At this point I'm literally afraid to start training any more horses until I resolve this issue(?)