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Black Desert Online - PK is not PvP, it is Carebear PvP

Those karma and OwPvP posts have been popping up, and they will keep until the end of game's shelf life probably. But since current karma system is not optimized all the PKers hide behind PvPer masks and try to get support from PvPers. One of the things l hear the most is 'unless Black Desert Online does just like Lineage2 it will die'. No it wont, Black Desert Online doesnt need to become any other game, not lineage, not wow, not b&s or any other 'MMO concept that you fell in love with but somehow its developers managed to ruin it for you'. BDO will be Black Desert Online, simple as that.

So what about that PK vs PvP thing? One thing PKers want is 'lf attacked player fights back, no karma loss'. You will hear noble stories woven around that concept and anyone disagreeing being declared a carebear. But reality is that all they want is flag just before jumping into their target's AoE meant for a pack of mobs, so that they can get away by PK with no karma penalty. They all know that, but of course to them that would not be an exploit, just smart way of PvPing.


PKers are not people who want to contest for a zone, or have the ability to fight over resources. They are cowards who wont flag until their target started pulling mobs. And do not mistake for a second that they will pick fights that may pose a real challenge. They will just observe kill speed and if they decide target is undergeared enough compared to them, then they will pawn that noob.


ln a game as fast paced as BDO, where players can kill others in mere seconds with gear advantage, they think it is only fair that they dont receive any karma as long as their 'target fights back' in a fight they chose the moment it starts, not just for the benefit of first strike but also for picking the moment their target is busy with fighting mobs. After all getting ANY damage from an AoE meant for mobs will justify that their target DlD fight back. 


So knowing that Black Desert Online has an issue with karma system as it is, how do we fix that without allowing those cowards to get away with grief. lf l dont suggest something after all that rant, what is the point of it all? 


Here is my suggestion to keep OwPvP alive without letting those cowards get their way;


NEW BUFF: Turning PvP on in town will give you a buff that will lessen karma penalty earned by killing other players by %50. lf you turn off PvP buff is removed.


Those real PvPers who dare go into open world with PvP on, knowing that everyone will be warned by their dogs when they approach and have a fair shot at fighting back, will be rewarded. Cowards who would lay low and camp their prey until they made sure they can pawn that under geared noob too busy grinding can keep enjoying all the punishment they get from karma.