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Black Desert Online - the Pearl store is real money

The Pearl store is real money, the horse market is game money (silver). Yes, it is easy enough to get a Tier 1 or Tier 2 horse. Once you know how and what you are doing if you plan to tame one yourself. Or you can buy one easy enough. But there are plenty of other things to spend your silver on early on without having to worry about buying a horse and lots to focus on besides.  The game can be overwhelming at first to new players and the horse that comes in the package is a perfectly nice horse. Tier 3 and decent looking.


The whistle is a must have IMO if you are going to work with horses at all. It is very handy and to get it you'd have to spend RL money anyways so why not do so upfront and be done with it? Stuff in the pearl shop is expensive. No need making a bunch of different transactions later on when you can get this stuff all at once in the beginning and be good to go.


Black Desert Online - the Pearl store is real money


Sure, you could wait for a sale but good luck with that. It is hard to say when or if those are going to happen and you could be waiting a long time. The pets again are very expensive and you'd have to pay RL cash to get one later. They are very handy for looting and you can have up to 3 out at one time. I use mine whenever I am in combat with multiple mobs as they save me time and hassle from looting. I got the hawk in my explorer pack and then bought 2 more pets later on. They are a worthwhile purchase IMO.


So we'll just say that my opinion differs from Joss' and agree to disagree there. I bought the $50 explorer pack and will never regret it or look back. I use all the items from it except my horse (because I am into taming and breeding so I use a different horse all the time) every day so I will never see it as a waste but that is just me.


IMO it is totally worth the extra.


It is nice to have a decent horse to start with and the horse whistle is very handy. You can call your horse from up to 300M away (good for if you lose it, are lazy, or even accidentally try to drown the poor thing). Pets are very expensive in the Pearl Store and with the package you get your choice of pet, even the 1100 pearl hawks. Totally worth it. Pets collect loot for you and are very handy. Plus they are fun and look cool.