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Black Desert Online - the percentages and multipliers on skill tool tips

Using the Musa's basic LMB attack as an example: "Damage 98% x 2 hits" for Slice I. Anyone who has tried a Musa knows that it actually swings up to four times, not twice. The second line of the tool tip reads, "Last hit of the Forward hits 98% x 3 hits." 


I'm guessing the "last hit of the forward hits" is referring to the last of the three actual swings if it connects. But what is the x2 and x3 "hits" in the first and second line respectively of the tool tip?


And it isn't referring to the number of targets because there's a separate number for that on AoE skills.


Wizard's Fireball is 332% x2 hits. As far as I can tell, there's not multiple "swings" or anything of that sort. When the spell lands, it knocks HP out of the target all at once (when there's not DoT component). Fireball I affects a maximum of 4 targets. 


Some theorize that "hits" means "rolls," as in RNG dice rolls, but all I've heard are assumptions. The Fireball does 332% of AP four times if the RNG is generous. So, if AP (or whatever 332 is a percentage of) were 100, the spell would do up to 1328--to up to four targets?


This theory doesn't really explain what's going on with something like the Musa's basic attack which swings four times. Is it 98x2 for each of the first three swings that connect? Or is that amount divided among the first three swings, then the last bonus swing is 98% x3?  


Perhaps, if it's true that the tool tip should read "with three rolls" rather than "x3 hits," then it's just a flat 98% damage, at best, that has two chances not to miss on the first three swings, and three chances not to miss on the final swing.


All this isn't taking into account DP mitigation, resistances, or anything like that. I just want to make sure I understand what I'm looking at when I read a tool tip. 


If you are certain you know exactly (rather than just guessing) what these number mean, I'd like to know your source or how you came by the information.