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Black Desert Online: Few Tricks as Witch/Wizard

Since i got permanently banned for the use of few scripts such as marketplace sniper, I feel like sharing those few tricks u may or may not know and appreciate.


The best combo i could find:


[(fireball > lightning > residual > fireball explosion > multiple arrows) > light chain > storm]    requires you to have lighting storm in the bar (you can activate fireball explosion using lighting storm key in the skill bar)


while this combo may be quite slow to initiate, it allows you the biggest burst in the shortest period of time, great for both 1v1 and mass pvp.


A sneaky yet dangerous combo for mass pvp:


Black Desert Online: Few Tricks as Witch/Wizard


It may look simple, but it is not, also leaves u defenseless once ur done with it:


sage memory > emergency escape  (V)> you run above ur enemies while in V > you exit the V state without getting stunned by spamming LEFT and RIGHT movement keys right before the V state is ending> once u are out of V state and you arent stunned you Use Teleport to instantly equip the weapon and avoid the animation (and hopefully deceive the few ones that saw you), then u Protected area > Meteor >blizzard>base combo on their backs. Can 1vs army if well executed and well geared.


few more things:


-You are completely immune to any CC while CASTING ANIMATION of frigid fog, can be use to avoid long range CC and stuff like that, really useful to know.


-Teleport Casting can be stopped if casted while taking a large number of hits while the casting bar is going on, leaving u defenseless and in most cases dead(and quite angry). good to know.


-The best way to move in pvp is in most cases by alternating dodges and earth response rather than just sprinting ( you are slightly slower than sprinting, but u can keep goin on for much longer due to lower stamina consumption), that mechaninc is anyway situational.


For the ones who didnt know about that, hope u appreciate. Have fun playing black desert, its a great game.