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Black Desert Online: Field Bosses and Boss Armour

The leadership of Dishonoured spoke with the leadership of Ember, Leviathan and Sanguine to discuss the implementation and execution of field bosses thus far as well as their loot tables. We are all under the agreement that field bosses should not drop boss armours and if possible they should be removed entirely.


Dishonoured generally does not attend them as they are quite punishing and very unpredictable, they severely lack tactics and there is little room for out-skilling any field boss at the moment. They are not fun and certainly not interactive in regards to complex game mechanics. Is having Bheg randomly target someone and hunt them with his whip which one-shots is really a good boss implementation?


The primary issue is that they reward ridiculous loot, end game items that people on KR strive to obtain and upgrade over the course of months whilst on EU; these end-game items are obtained through mindless and effortless RNG consisting of random death events.


Boss armours should not be so easily obtained through field bosses as people already all have an equal opportunity to get armours through daily scrolls and those who choose to make the effort to gain more scrolls may farm them, there is no need to inflate the chances of getting armour.


The bosses ultimately retract people from the intended purpose of the game, which in my eyes is to grind and spend time on the game to stay ahead with one’s economy and gear. Field bosses contradict this playstyle as they allow every single player, skilled or not, dedicated or not to gain end-game items effortlessly. This has numerous affects, it inflates the market, it removes any sense of achievement and essentially forces players to attend the exceptionally poorly implemented field

bosses. I have personally yet to meet a person who legitimately enjoys field boss content and think that they add complexity and are interesting in terms of game design and implementation.


We would like to see field bosses removed entirely as they do not add any real gameplay and people should earn what they have in BDO. I by no means consider field bosses to be legitimate PVE content as there is no skill involved in defeating them and the loot acquisition is strongly class dependent rather than class knowledge, effort or class mastery. Grinding should be a primary source of

progress, not field bosses that drop everything the game has to offer. It’s enough having Kzarka spawn every 32-48 hours and dropping a weapon per kill and several million in items.


We can also appreciate that not everyone has the opportunity to be online and play as much as others, because of this many people will miss out on the potential drops due to the irregularity of spawn timers.


Changes I would suggest to field bosses if not removing them:


-    Remove boss armours as a drop from field bosses exclusively.

-    Significantly reduce the spawn timers to once per week within a set time frame (but potentially buff their loot).

-    Balance them to reward skilled players rather than punish them via random boss attacks.

-     Reduce the damage of certain abilities to allow players to recover and reengage the fight rather than instantly dying, unless they play a class with block.