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Black Desert Online: full tilt late-game

Hello.  I started BDO the first days of release, my friend convinced me about this game and i ended up buying it.


Got to 50 pretty fast, and 51 within a few days of grinding skeletons.   Had a full +15 set within 2 weeks and had double WE and was decently competitive gear-wise.

Online time on main: 180+days, a lot of fishing, making money.  


Black Desert Online: full tilt late-game


Gear a few days ago:  2x Duo WE, 2x DUO MoS, TRI Liverto, TRI offhand.  TRI neck (10ap), duo schultz.  2x tri grunil, 2x duo.  Decently geared.  


My options to increase my strength weren't many.  Exchange my MoS's for Crescents or farming Ogre rings and making pri/duo, or make TRI MoS/WE or the big gamble, TET weapons.


I had a decent failstack on one toon, failed TET.   Already had a 150m bankroll and thought to myself it's no big deal, im already at 55~ failstacks so getting back to tri shouldn't take too many tries.


Ended up failing duo 10 times in total and TRI 6 times, ended up fully tilted and tried to TRI some of my accs, failing that as well.  


Sold off my last duo piece to create a bankroll to play NV and offline fishing for a while, i dont mind building up a bank afking the game, since i dont have many options because of how devestating RNG was to me, but with todays patch lowering the value of accessories by a lot extending the night vendor possible profits by as much.


My options now? AFK fish and hope to make a lot of profit or go back to grinding weak ass mobs since my AP sucks compared to what it was before.


I know im stupid to do so much at once, its retarded but the problem with this game is trying to gain strength when you reach a certain point where your only options are extremely RNG-based and very expensive.  Some people succeed first tries, some fail and can't even get TRI back.    There are some highly geared people in this game with full tri/tet boss gear and tet kzarka and i have killed bheg like 50-100 times if not more and still hasn't gotten gloves, kzarka many times still no weapon, nothing, no boss gear.


The RNG in this game makes it difficult to feel like you are moving forward.   


I'm not giving up, ill stay online, do my 24/7 fishing, weekly/daily bosses, spend my energy farming sharps/hards.  But seriously daum/kakao, this game's RNG needs to be looked over.  Luck shouldn't determine your increase in strength, one guy can succeed doing TET/PEN in their first try with half the failstacks they should have while there are some of us who are stuck on PRI/DUO and devestated economy failing duo/tri 10s of times after failing TET with good failstacks.     


This game is soooo gooood but the RNG is too harsh, waaay too harsh.