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Black Desert Online: Grinding Money Is too Unrewarding

Why is life skilling bad? -  because it promotes afk-ing and not actually playing the game in order to get your cheesy undeserved money. It also pays way too much in comparison to other activities in the game , devaluating all other activities.


Life skilling makes hunting world bosses easier! - another cheesy mechanic which is "RNG" based and doesn't reward actually playing the game or putting effort in it but cheesing and praying that you get free undeserved 95million drop while someone else has to grind mobs bout 10 hours for it - lets face it, boss loot is unfair, unfun and stupid.


Black Desert Online: Grinding Money Is too Unrewarding


While lifeskilling you can do anything you want(irl/ out of game) and still make more money than other people and how incredibly ridiculous and unfair is that? My guildmate is a filthy lifeskiller and makes 1 billion per week while playing other games and watching anime/tv shows. How the bloody hell is that even remotely fair? Lmao.


Let's assume that you get 8mil~ realistic money from grinding an entire hour without taking breaks and actively playing the game (sure you can get more but people grief/disturbances/real life needs and so on your actual realistic money is lower) and lets assume that you grind 5h a day which is a lot, for 7 days you'd grind 35 hours which is  mere 280 million. How are you gonna compare 280mil to 1bil ? how the hell is this even remotely fair? Sure you can grind more hours but that requires actual energy and effort and time and should be rewarded yet it is not


... also all these events giving out free gear are ruining the prices on accessories and rare drops from grinding, making grinding even worse than before?????????????????????????????? 


as far as i know they have an item that gives you X2 fodder drop item in KR , making you get double money from killing mobs - we need x2 drop rate as well, not the actual item because thats probably cash shop and p2w on such a scale would be stupid but we need active playing the game to be as rewarding as afking is


people have been abusing how overpaid processing and trading is for months..