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Black Desert Online: Hacker Hunting Initiative

Unfortunately we have been getting reports of players who want to spoil Black Desert Online by cheating and hacking.  You have probably seen one of the various videos or threads reporting this type of behavior and it is important we make our stance clear.   We are aggressively pursuing those who think they can get away with this and banning their accounts.  For those who are taking the time to report these player, we thank you as your videos have been invaluable and request that you keep up the good work.


Much like yourself, the BDO Team wants Black Desert to be a game for everyone to enjoy, this means we cannot sit idly by and let this type of behavior exist.  We invite each of you to join us in the Hacker Hunting Initiative as we bring the banhammer down on those who can’t cut it without cheating.  We have setup a special queue for Hacker & Exploit Reports and going forward we will be rewarding those who submit video proof that confirms such activity.


Now to be clear all submissions will be reviewed by our staff and the video needs to visibly include the server, channel, evidence of cheating and name of the player in question.  When you submit a video as described above and it leads to the removal of the cheater you will earn one of the following rewards.  Please note these rewards are only given to the first five confirmed reports and reports on players that have already been banned will not receive an reward.  Once the investigation is complete and ban is finalized rewards will be sent out.


Report a Bot

If you find & report a player who is using third party software to automatically farm monsters, run trade packs etc. Please note that people AFK leveling horses and carrying tradepacks to level strength does not count. 

5x GM’s Blessing 1 (1h)


Report a Hacker

If you find & report a player who is using third party software to bypass attack speed limitation, move at impossible speeds etc while they play the game.

5x Elion’s Tears

5x GM’s Blessing 2 (1h)


Report a Disruptive Hacker

If you find & report a player who is hacking to specifically interrupt other players such as griefing grinding locations, Field Bosses etc.

10x Elion’s Tears

5x GM’s Blessing 3 (1h)

Edit: All reports will be thoroughly investigated, but if one happen to be done when knowing it was a player all along actions could be taken against the reporter's account. (If for instance you don't like a player, or want to get rid of someone farming at a popular farm spot knowing he's a real and legitimate player)


We truly appreciate the support the Community has shown in putting a stop to this type of behavior and look forward to working in tandem with each of you as we help such players find a new game to spoil.  We also want to assure you this is not the only action we are taking to block such activity, we are working with the Developers to improve game security as well as Xigncode to improve our automated detection system.


  • Zinedity (13/06/2016):
    PoopyOnYou Hacking at sausans on ser u2 Party member should be sending video. He was ignoring cooldowns to kill our entire party in seconds repeatedly. Not a bot changing his classes' cooldowns to exploit other players.