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Black Desert Online: I bought all of my gear through pre-order

Sorry, missed ya there. See, Wasted is not a random person. He clearly gave me a reason. Not sure you understand what the word "random" menas. Your english is pretty broken so it comes as no surprise to me. You clearly lack proper education in that field.


As for manners, who needs them? Give me one good reason. A single one that is not "you respect people by default". People with no SELF-respect do that because they are afraid to look up, like submissive obedient slaves. They respect everyone, yet not everyone respects them. Manners are for insecure carebears that need to be polite so that noone gets hurt. I show respect for people that deserve it. If some idiot comes with idiotic advice that noone needs, I WILL call him out for it. I WILL say that his post is irrelevant and that has NOTHING to do with manners. It's called being honest. It's just insecure kids that are afraid of reality and truth that need everything sugarcoated, nice, well-mannered. It's not a business talk, and this guy doesn't strike me as someone who has something constructive to say in the matter.


Black Desert Online: I bought all of my gear through pre-order


You can forget about me being well-mannered. If he didn't have anything to smart to say about the topic, he should have ignored it and move on, not say some random shit. It's like you phoning to your ISP because your modem/router/switch self-ignited and they tell you "did you try to turn it off and back on"? He offended me with idiotic suggestion that is obvious for anyone that reached the age of reason and has more than 2 brain cells. I never offended him. If you judge manners by the amount of sugarcoat, kindly please go jump off the bridge in Heidel and never come back. Then, you can even engage in certain self-pleasuring activity. Well, that's a whole new level of manners compared to "Go ----- yourself". That guy was off the point but close. You, on the other hand, wrote your post completely off-topic just to increase your post count and brought nothing new to the table. So, are you here to discuss the topic? If not, get out of the thread, you have nothing to do here.


See, you also can't read. I said I bought all of my gear through pre-order, and this issue with Marks of Shadows (19 already) NEVER going to pre-order is something completely new. You know, if pre-order was 50/50, it's like 0,0001% chance of happening. Do you see any reason to have a feature in the game and make it so useless? After 19 tries, if the chance is 90% it's still around 13%. The probability at which 19 of those tries start being more probable is about 96,5%.


It has never been proved, it has been disproved numerous times, as I've been preordering rough stones from Heidel that my guildie in Altinova was posting, so it's bullshit. It also has been CLEARLY stated by GM and numerous KR players and GMs, that region doesn't matter. And before I forget, "Works 8/10" is not "proven". Learn the definition of that word. So far you proved it doesn't work 2/10 times, so it isn't the case. Thanks for PROVING, that region does not matter.