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Black Desert Online: I got my Elsh Shortsword

I got my Elsh Shortsword on my Tamer to +15, +5 heal from weapon added with my own heals from skills keeps me going with no problem. The weapon also granting +5 dmg to all species +3 Accuracy really made a huge difference in game,  using Krea Trinket for off-hand also granting +5 Accuracy, I went from missing and not doing much damage to killing mobs really fast.


Eidit!  I will upload 2screen shots of my Elsh +15 and off-hand Krea Trinket +11 that I currently have atm, and 2 more of Elsh & Kalis none enhanced to so you can compare AP difference.


I am doing tests with weapons, my 1st weapon that I had was a Kalis and had it at +12, the moment I got my Elsh to +9 I noticed a damage increase right away. Meaning that I was missing more than hitting with my Kalis. Raw damage as we know does not mean nothing if you cant hit your target, and the difference from Kalis to Elsh is just 8Ap. 


One person said to me that he thinks Kalis is better just because AP does not decrease in the Rain, after I explained and broke down the stats and of how much I know I was missing and not getting hits on mobs, he then said> Your right, if you miss and cant kill fast enough, having 8AP + passive of Rain not decreasing means nothing for sure.


So then I went on to enhancing my new Elsh, and I have to say that I love it a lot. I can't and will not say that this weapon is best for end game cause it is really not. But for new players with a small amount of $ Elsh is best till you can save up some $Silver and afford a better weapon like a Yuria.


My reason behind my testing was also made not just for damage but for amount of $Silver needed to get one to +15. While many players love to say to just go for a Yuria knowing that the cost for each is from 200k-300k(Tamer weapon), from a new players prospective the Elsh is the way to go costing only under 10k each.


Hope this helps you guys and best of luck!