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Black Desert Online: My Constructive Criticism

I'd like to start off my saying that I in no way claim to be a BlacK Desert Online professional. I wouldn't even describe myself as very knowledgable about the game. What I am about to state below is solely based on my opinion and my current and previous experiences with the game. So please don't take the feedback the wrong way, even if you disagree as it is only my point of view and other people may see things differently than me.


I'll just mention a few things that have stuck out to me and which I would like to address, so here goes.


Class Balance


I know this has been talked about a lot already, but I would like to add my two cents to it as well. I am currently very dissatisfied with the overall class balance in the game. Not so much in PvE perhaps - eventhough there seem to be balancing issues as well - but mostly in regard to PvP. It has come to my attention that meele classes seem to have a very tough time with Player VS Player combat in this game. Playing the Musa class myself I sometimes find myself absolutely obliterated from afar without really knowing whatever has hit me or a real chance to launch a counterattack. 


Black Desert Online: My Constructive Criticism


This last point is what enrages me the most. I don't mind being attacked by surprise, but if that happens I would like to be able to at least fight back and have a chance to do something. The way it stands now I often just get knocked down by a ranger and get killed in less than a second. Or a sorcerer that does absurd damage yet can't be hit because the class teleports inifnitely all around the place. Now, I realize that a lot of these issues may stem from lack of experience in playing my particular class. However, I am very avid and competetive when it comes to PvP. I WANT to improve myself despite all of this apparent "imbalance", BUT I am sure that there is a large chunk of people that will not put up with that. They'll have the experience I do/did and they won't want to put up with it, and rightfully so. I do not think this can be fixed easily, perhaps with the awakening patch, which I would like to urge you to bring to us as fast as humanly possible. 




This is an issue I have especially but no exclusively when I do PvP combat. People just port all around the space, spells hitting me that should have been dodged, in turn, my skills that should have hit on my screen miss etc. I understand BDO is a seamless large world and the action combat in such a large space is probably hard on the server hardware with so many players around. But that issue should have been considered when making such an MMO. The combat should feel reactive and fluent. Right now it does not, imo. Right now it feels very laggy and unresponsive to me and that is a huge enjoyment issue to me.


Red Battlefield


I've got to be 100% honest here and I realize this may sound harsh but I don't think I have ever seen a battleground in a game that was so poorly executed. The imbalance in the Red Battlefield strikes me as horrendous. All the issues explained above contribute to a very bad experience when joining. Also, the spawns seem to be rather odd. The enemy frequently just camps the spawn of the other team and while I realize that there is a "invulnebility" buff given from the NPC on the top platform I still think it's bad game design to let an enemy team blatantly camp someone's spawn when they are losing already to begin with.


Field Bosses


Another popular issue on these forums that I would like to address here. I very much dislike the current field boss system in the game. It is beyond comprehension for me how a world boss is able to basically one-shot any class in the game. Even warriors while blocking. Due to that meeles naturally have more difficulties of getting DPS in and in turn die more frequently. Which in in itself is another issue because we lose experience upon death and possibly crystals socketed in our gear as well. I personally die about 5 to 10 times per world boss fight and it is not a pleasant experience for me at all. I suggest toning down the damage those bosses do and delete experience and crystal losses when dying to a monster that is flagged as a world boss. That's just a quick hasty suggestion but the world bosses really irk me in this game when normally it is a feature in MMO's I thoroughly enjoy participating in.


I wanted to do a bigger writedown but doing this off of the top of my head that is it for now. I'll probably end up editing this here and there but those seem to be the biggest gripes about the actual game systems for me right now, leaving out things such as hackers, botters and the likes for now because obviously no one likes those. I hope this is relatively constructive and thanks for reading if you made it this far, regardless of if you agree or not!