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Black Desert Online: my thoughts on the P2W

I've seen people ----- and moan about "this game is skill2win" or "this game is time2win and that's not okay" it's like dude that's what every game should be.


Look at most FPSes out there that have unlocks are you crying at them because they've spent more time unlocking shit then you have or crying because they killed you because they are better then you (second part probebly they are let's be honest).


I never thought in my entire life would I hear the words "time2win" and "skill2win", say it out loud and it sounds like a joke because that's what mmos are, that's what video games are ment to be.


Black Desert Online: my thoughts on the P2W


Every video game should BE the more effort you put into it the more rewarded you are.


I put alot of time and effort into my character. Over 110 days, reaching 120 days of total playtime on one character. The amount of effort I put into my character should not be achieved by simply putting in a simple credit card pin number. People cry and moan over how it's unfair that these "no lifers" aka the *playerbase* is stronger then they are because they simply don't have the time to play video games. Since they put time and effort into achieveing what they have, it's like walking into a gym and -----ing to the owners that there are people there that can lift 300+lbs and you can't. Honestly if you don't have the time to play video games then you shouldn't be playing video games at all or atleast not any mmos cause honestly if your to busy with your job and your wife and your kids then you should've been prepared to loose something when you took up these responsibilities.


If your gonna get married, marry somone who likes to play video games aswell so you can play together which would take out the "I'm busy with the wife" excuse. Think having kids will ruin your video game playing time then hold off on having kids or don't have them at all. I'm sick of hearing people ----- and moan that they have "responsibilities" so they can't play video games as much. Well guess what it was your choice to be married your choice to have a full time job and your choice to have kids and your choice to have a bigger house. All because you decided to do these things doesn't mean video games should play around you.


If you want to play video games more then how about this, quit your job or get a divorce and let her have the kids or put the kids in a orphanage because honestly right now you saying all these things as excuses kindof just sounds like you hate your life and that's why you play video games isn't it. You can't have yoru cake and eat it to, Neither can I but I can definenlty work for my cake then eat it when I got it myself through the hard work put into the game. I'm honestly sick of hearing the excuses on why people can't play the game that much. If this game goes P2W like this then they are litterally snuffing out the flame to their game and they think this game is already dying from this response as a last ditch effort to obtain money how about you lsiten to the community more and actually know that people want more PVE stuff things you can do together with friends besides boss scrolls. Give us instanced dungeons with bosses, give us the ability to hunt with friends and just make gear easier for everyone to obtain.


Please don't make this game P2W. After coming from other P2W games I can tell you this game will die and never come back. Don't dig yourself a early grave.