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Black Desert Online: Outstanding But Won't Last

First off I have to say I have really enjoyed my time in BDO thus far and plan to be around for a while. This is not a gloom and doom article. This thread is about economics, market psychology, and why Daum has basically set this game up to have no future.


The core of the problem revolves around forced PVP.


MMO markets are built around a sense of progression. Especially in a cash shop model, a game MUST give players a sense of constant progression so that they can rationalize "investing" in their characters. BDO doesn't have this for the majority of players, as evidenced by all the threads talking about mass suicide grinding to avoid the ridiculous forced PVP cap at 45.


In every other region you could simply not do the PVP unlock quest at 50 and avoid being fodder for the PVP "end game." For some reason Daum has decided that Americans would like it better if they took a beautiful PVE game and forced everyone to play a way they don't have any interest in once they hit 45, with no quest to unlock. This is the one decision that will cause this game to fail and I honestly can't understand the logic here.


I have spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars on other games. But, I won't be spending more than the initial investment and maybe a horse training suit here. Why? Because there is no sense of progression.


I am stuck with having to face either not getting to continue progressing my character, or being forced to participate in a play style I consider toxic and totally un-enjoyable.


That is a TERRIBLE design.


It is sad, because I would have liked this game to have been more than just another flash in the pan PVP experiments.


When will publishers accept that statistics don't lie? 60-80% of MMO gamers have no interest in PVP. If you want to have a PVP system in your game great, make it purely optional and not needed to progress your character.


But if you force it on a cash shop model be prepared to lose your investments, because your game will fail mark my words.