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Black Desert Online: Player Luck & Node investments

Hello, I'm a level 56 sorc fairly geared on Edan, I have a few concerns and inquires about a few things in the game and decided to start a thread about it to read and see how other players have experienced in the game so far. I self admit that RNG and I do not agree, and as such my luck, when it comes to anything other than enhancements (the fail stacking part not the succeeding part is down the drain. I always have +5 luck in case anyone wants to know that.


Players having better luck than others and node investments: (I will use Hexe node for witch earrings as that is what we tested it on)


So my buddy (a ranger) and I created an account literally right next to each other, in the same room! So far, he has had way better luck than me when it comes to any rare loot. He does not care about knowledge grades (he does have mostly C's, we've checked to make sure), and he does not care about node investment or connecting the nodes, he knows going any where and farm for an hour he should have at least 1 if not 2 rare loots by the end of it (haven't gone to Valencia yet, do not have pri+ gear yet) I even had him kill 1 mob at a time to make sure its not a massive number of mobs he is killing per hour compared to myself. On the other hand, I spend hours, even days just to get 1 rare drop. 


Black Desert Online: Player Luck & Node investments


So I started to reset my knowledge on mobs in the hope of getting an S or at least a B for a better chance, no luck with that. So I then invested energy in the node, that helped for a while, I got plenty of relic shards (I want to say a total of 50 max in the span of weeks) and 2 witch earrings and junk loot, but as soon as I got it to level 9, I rarely even get witch pouches (no witch earrings, no relic shards either)... So my question is, is the luck account based? as in if I create 10 accounts, each account will have random luck with it or what? Also about node investment, is that even worth it? because I have a level 9 node, farmed for 5 hours a day for 3 days straight, and only got turn in loot and 3 witch pouches only and I am sure I got better results before I had the level 9 node.


To put it in perspective, my buddy, another guild member (a witch), and I went there to farm, in 20 minutes my buddy got 19 relic shards, while me and the witch got nothing after staying there for about an hour and a half, and by nothing I mean not even a witch pouch. Is this normal or what?


Shard gathering for gear improvement:


I am a PvP minded person, while I understand I have the chance of sniping them of the market or pre-ordering them for over 15 mil for 1 sharp, I have taken to gathering in order to improve my gear. The result so far have been abysmal to say the least. Professional 4 gathering on my main, 232 energy, 5 characters. Over the span of 2 weeks, I have gathered a total of 5 Hards and 1 sharp (nowhere near enough with the amount I need with the luck I have). I then started crafting tools in the hope of getting lucky tools, got 5 of them, used 4 of them and got none. I thought using Lucky tools would improve my chances, but so far they have diminished my chances instead, I can however confirm that I have gotten way more trade items using them than the regular tools. Is this normal when it comes to lucky tools? Is the drop rate that I got normal compared to you? And lastly, has anyone found a better way (consistent way) to get them?


I really want feedback on your experience when it comes to node investment and luck when it comes to getting rare loot.


I know I'm a sorc, heard it all, really, best one is "Oh you are a sorc, set it to free looting, we have an extra pet in the party" *party leader set party loot to free looting*