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Black Desert Online: the Different Anecdotal Experience

I've been told the opposite and been told what you've said. At this point I'm pretty certain no one knows wtf it does. 


On a different anecdotal experience:

It certainly doesn't help rare drops for MY experience. 70000 helm kills underground of destroyers and captains and devourers and not a single seal at node level 10 with 2 of 3 mentioned at S Rank. Found 3 witches earrings in 1-2 days at no connection, at level 7 node connection never saw another witch earring.


Black Desert Online: the Different Anecdotal Experience


I know someone who's killed over 5000+ ogres with level 8 node and S rank and only ever found 2 rings and a few shattered ones, meanwhile another I know has no connection, zero knowledge and 4 rings total, not even shattered ones, under 2000 kills. (They both keep track easily with fluid collectors) The 2000 kills person's philosophy is "leveling a node is to decrease your RNG chances of finding anything." We were joking and serious at the same time. Seems to be working out for the one who doesn't have it connected.


When patch notes say "Ogre ring drop rate increased" that means nothing to me, it's not like we know what the drop chance is anyways. That's about as good as saying the world will explode some time in the future. Who cares.


I'm not sure how much larger of a sample people need. If you kill a million things and a hundred-thousand things the results should be consistently the same even on RNG crap. On the basis of consistency since we kill everything like Dynasty warriors, if you killed 100,000 things and then you killed 1million things, that's like doing 10, 100,000 sample sizes together. Obviously a kill roll of 100 isn't that much but 1000 is quite a bit, and 10000 is certainly a lot, but 100k is -----ing time consuming. If you split your sample sizes and just mark milestones at every 10k kills in a 100k sample you can even pinpoint RNG more often if it's "based" or "complete bullshit", higher sample size accuracy sure, but if your split sample is all consistent with high sample size clearly something's