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Black Desert Online: the meat of the matter gambling

any type of gambling can only exist IF it is fcking over the majority to benefit the very few, AND only IF it got the capability of heavily addicting specific people to it (i doubt any of the people speaking against basic regulation read any research papers but its been proven beyond a doubt that addiction behavior is linked heavily to the genetics, so this is like praying on people with a specific genetic trait... which obviously shouldn't happen in a civilized INTELLIGENT society, no matter what some racist idiots says).


now lastly even ignoring all this, the allowance of gambling benefits NO ONE except the company who is running the gambling. it is in no way a benefit for the community as a whole, or for the majority of the individuals, it doesn't add any "cost vs. benefits", fairness of acquisition, adding mental work ethics/benefit of working, or does anything positive for the overall progression of the humans involved. it is as an overall just a negative factor for Everyone involved EXCEPT the company running it (but even here in the long term it is a major negative as it will kill their market, lowering possibilities of long term business and be hurtful to the costumers who they pray upon.)...


Black Desert Online: the meat of the matter gambling


in short anyone that believe gambling is good and it should be allowed is a moron, too stupid and incapable of thinking far enough to be allowed to have their opinion have any impact on other people in a society.


while removing them would be too harsh to do, they should at minimum have their actions restricted in such a manner that they cannot negatively effect others around them due to their ignorance.


(a basic process of testing people's knowledge and intellect before allowing them to have any say in how any community is run should be a bare minimum of Any country... sadly it is not which means stupid+average people are the majority while intelligent people are the minority. which is obviously an issue in any society allowing majority to control in their ignorance and lack of basic intelligence)


As a last note: anyone that is lacking the basic intelligence to be capable of following this simple logic, yet talks about natural selection is even dumber.


IF natural selection actually existed they would be the first to be removed, they are too stupid to evolve and too weak to be a real threat to anyone of high intellect, if not protected by intelligent people. on top of that they have no merit to exist, if we are measuring the gain of a society because of the individual, everything they can do robots can do better. the reason we don't use robots is that it is much cheaper to use humans due to lack of resources, but if all the stupid humans was removed there would be a vast abundance of resources to take from.


in short: the stupid people exist ONLY because the more intelligent of us has sympathy, together with empathy and actually cares about other humans and tries to allow even dumbfck idiots to life a good and enjoyable life, yet there is such morons who takes these attributes as a weakness and takes what they gain from them for granted, while believing it is done out of some sort of stupidity which should be abused, not realizing that if these where to be removed they would not be allowed to exist at all... but by all means, keep pushing for these to be removed when looking upon you guys, see what happens if you should succeed.