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Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation

Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation


Black Desert Online unleashed a major update to the game on the 29th of June after it was being delayed for quite a while: The Valencia Update! Currently, Pearl Abyss is breaking this update into parts, so we’ll be seeing a lot of new and cool content in the game.


The first thing to note is how big the world has gotten – and how dangerous as well. While it’s cool that the world’s size had increased by 30% and there is treasure and adventure galore now, there’s a catch: the major area is a Desert. 


Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation


Deserts aren’t the nicest places exactly, and Black Desert Online wants us to remember how much the world hates us. In this new area, there will be storms that will occur at random that will deal a lot of damage to you, so you will need to have a tent if you to seek safety if your off exploring.


Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation


Wearing all that armor in the desert must feel pretty hot, so in this update there are new weapons, armors, and accessories that might be able to cool you off, or at least make you stronger. If you want to be even stronger though, you can now upgrade and enhance your gear up to +20!


The new Rocaba Armor, From BDO Fashion


If you’re fighting for glory, you can fight for land in Castle Sieges and Node Warfares.

If you’re in it for questing, there are over 500 new quests for you to take on. 

If you're looking to cook, there are new crops and crafting recipes for to try out and master.

And, if you’re looking to re-enact Moby Dick, you can go whale hunting.



Last but not least, what if you’re an animal lover? This may seem strange to you, but a penguin can accompany you during your travels in a hot desert.


How it is able to endure the heat, I will never know, but by logging in daily you will be able to earn this pet. Gaining this pet will reduce the time of AFK fishing times and also will pick up your loot of the enemies you have defeated.  


If you’re a bit lore-friendly and believe that penguins shouldn’t be waltzing around in the desert, you can always go for two new mounts: a camel and an elephant!


Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation


Some people have been experiencing problems when logging in to the NA Region at the moment due to an ongoing issue regarding a DDoS attack on the Authentication Server. If you found yourself disconnected from some server channels during the time, this is the reason. Because of this, Pearl Abyss will be compensating all NA players.


Currently I’m still exploring, and I’m not going to lie: I love the environment of the place and it is very fun to explore. I really enjoy all the people that have logged on to also go into this update and… well, I can’t wait for someone else to take the big cities. The fact you can get a pet also basically for just logging on is a nice idea too, since every pet currently is really just in the cash shop. Oh, and did I mention I really can’t wait for someone else to take the big cities?


Black Desert Online: Valencia Update & Compensation


Hopefully in the next update we’ll finally get ninja, but for now this content seems genuinely really cool, and has brought many back into the game. What’s the best part about this update to you?


Black Desert Online is available now for 29.99 USD for a Traveler’s Package and 49.99 USD for an Explorer’s Package.