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Black Desert Online: xD Maybe Was Decent Around 3-4 Days

Still high? Well, remove the extra revenue from giving newbies and returning players a carrot for playing/coming back and you'd quickly see how the revenue would have decreased. They're only going steady due to cheaper stuff and sales making up for the losses they'd otherwise make. You should read up on business and sales tactics sometime :) 


Also, ppl will complain about grinding spots as long as they don't have 1 whole area just for them -_- They're special little snowflakes you know?


Right. Tell me more about how games like Xenoverse or COD or Battlefield or Naruto or Super mario, Zelda etc etc etc have gotten cheaper within a YEAR of release. 


Here's the problem though. They didn't say "we'll try to get it out" but rather "It's confirmed it WILL be out". See that? Confirmed it WILL be out. Not "we'll try to get it out". 


Jordine's Casual Clothing gives attack and crit though, not movement speed last time I checked ^^. While both these are capped at 5, to hit 5 you normally need to use gem(s) and/or potions. Now, ppl with Jordine's Casual Clothing can skip 1-2 gems or buffs from food and instead get 5 anyway. Meaning they could for example get a gem or food buff for HP or AP if they want. This makes them be ahead of someone without it every single time (assuming they know what to buy etc) and you can not make up for this in any way in-game. No matter what you do, ppl with the costume will be one step ahead of you. I did state this above though, so I guess you simply are bad at reading (or too ignorant to notice it). 


Black Desert Online: xD Maybe Was Decent Around 3-4 Days


"little". hahahahahaha. Feel free to tell me how you think a 300% boost is "little". Heck, why not try fighting someone with 300% your ap? Tell me again about how "little" that is while you work your way up :) (oh btw, by the time you do catch up, they'll likely have used those 300% to get even higher gear etc. Making you stay behind unless you pay and decide to do the same. Or if they run into terrible RNG ofc).


I did also mention that Idk if I'd count horse skill resets as P2W since you can get them in-game with enough time if you have enough horses and time to level them. Feel free to actually read the whole thing and not just the parts you like/dislike Plunge ^^.


Odd, I think I mentioned this whole "cheaper and sales to make up for the lost money" thing above? Oh I did? My bad. Seems like you simply were too ignorant to read that :). Also, making up? Ask in server chat if people are 100% happy about the game or if they're negative about something. Artisan's for pearls for example or sellable cash shop items. Heck, make sure to ask both ppl who are 100% happy about the game and ppl who aren't to whisper. Just to get a hint of how the majority feels :).


300% faster enchantment/more enchantment chances and unobtainable/100% of the time "I'm ahead" thingy is quite p2w, no matter what your ignorant mind might be telling you :) (yes, calling you ignorant. The fact that you only seem to read what you like/dislike and ignore the rest of the text makes you seem rather ignorant). 


2-3 chances week = 8-12 chances month (let's say 4 weeks exactly is 1 month, although 30 days would be more accurate). 8-12 chances TRI more per month for just spending money (no effort or doing anything except put on market + collect) is quite significant, unless you of course have some data with numbers of how many times a person try to TRI per month upon average. 8-12 tries per month for me for example is around 100% more than I normally try to TRI in a month.