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Black Desert Online 3 Stages/Levels of PvP

The 3 Stages of PvP:


I've been a gamer for a while now, i've played all kinds of games, from old old games like age of empire, tibia, and runescape, to newer games like Tera, LoL, and just recently Black Desert Online, And in all of the games i've played,im sure in everygame rather, you progress on pvp on the same way, PvP is not about level, PvP is not about gear, PvP is about these 3 mechanical progressions no matter what you are playing.


Stage 1 Action.


This stage takes place at the start of any game, you are learning the controls, the hotkeys, the inputs, the combos, the customization on your "ui" to make everything smoother and pvp ready. You start learning what the class you're playing does, you start learning how fast you move, how high you jump, how much damage you do. This stage is the basys of everything because learning all of this leads to that first duel when the only thing you are going to think is "what am i doing right now?, and what am i going to do next?"  you are so busy trying to reach that muscle memory on your fingers that those 2 simple questions are all that will go through your mind.


Almost everyone has reached this level of pvp on 1 game or another.


Stage 2 Reaction.


Gamers reach this step when you've been playing 1 single game for multiple days and even weeks. You know your combos, you can do them with your eyes closed, if you see a stationary target on the distance you can close your eyes move to your target and kill it without you opening your eyes. Basically you know your class inside out and you know your limits and fortitudes.  But this stage is not about that, this stage is an advance level of PvP, you know everything on your class so well that you stop looking at yourself, and you start looking at your enemy. what is he doing?, how fast is he?, how much damage is he doing?, is he running out of resorces?. You observe every single aspect of your opponent and you can react to it. If they close in you are already casting your iframe or your block or a counter.


When you stop thinking about what you are going to do, and you just do it, you've reached this stage and you are a Damn good opponent.


Stage 3 Prediction.


Very few gamers ever fully reach this stage, some gamers have individual momments when they play like this, but very few people will ever get to be consistent on this last level of PvP.You know every class, you know every potion, every cooldown, every movement on any class in the game, you ve been gaming a lot and you know almost everything. At this stage you can surely 1v2 or more with the same level and the same gear.


You reach this level of PvP when you've been part of so many wars, fights, and duels that you start to see patterns of gameplay, you can watch a duel and know on the first few seconds who is more likely to win based on the attack patterns they are using, or rather you know who is playing better, on even wars you are the first to realize what guild is starting to lose or win, and on your own duels you start to realize the existance "patterns".


The advance (god-like) way of PvPing is by looking for the patterns your opponent is using, YOU CAN'T MEMORYZE every players in the world way of gaming, thats why you use patterns, you clasiffy opponents into a few different general patterns so you can tell what their next move more likely be. (the bold gamer who will rather attack than retreat, the deffensive player who will rather block than counter. etc). Someone who has reached this stage can classify their opponent on the first half a duel and completely predict their movements on the other half.


An explample of this kind of prediction is what i call "the panic iframe" everyone does this from 1 point to another, you are taking too much damage and you just  want to "get the hell out" on your mind you move to different locations every time, but actually when someone panics and jumps away the usually always move to the same place being right, left, back or front. (basically). When you can figure out all of these little prefferences of players, you start to add them into patterns and become a PvP God.


This is not easy to achieve, on my 12 years of gaming i've only met 3 players skilled enough to be this good.


This is just my opinion, i was bored at work so i decided to make this. let me know if you find it interesting.