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Black Desert Online Class: Flawed and Retarded

I've played so many games but not once have i seen a class that's as flawed and retarded as tamer is. 


What the hell is tamer supposed to be? It's clearly not a tank. It's not an assassin as it lacks any burst whatsoever. So what's a tamer? a -----ing bruiser? 


the dmg is horrendous compared to any other class in the game, you completely lack any reliable burst skill, your survivability is the worst in the game BY FAR and your greatest weapon is a retarded pet which doesn't work half of the time?


tamer dmg (pve and pvp): lower than any class except warrior in pve , giant and probably valk in pvp . No burst whatsoever, no flexibility with damage and how its dealt, completely reliant on knockdowns but tamer has only one knockdown which is barely 2 hits so its often even resisted.


You have only one damage skill with superarmor which has windup (so it often gets canceled before you even get to the superarmor part) so you're completely susceptible to any form of CC or damage (while half other melee classes have way more cc immunity during their own skills).


You have zero ranged skills or CC's which is a huge problem for a melee, look at musa/maehwa - they gave them a bow for the single purpose of having a random stagger because they know how important it is on a melee. 


If that wasn't bad enough - tamer also takes 50% more magical damage than warrior for whatever reason and you're squishier than everyone else. I don't give a crap if bladers and plums think they are squishy because they can't play their chars yet, with their 0 sec cd block and infinite mobility and actual burst i don't really wanna hear their QQ in my thread which is actually talking about real issues not l2p issues. 


Tamer is only strong with absorb heilang which has 4.5~ seconds cast time , 5minutes and 30 sec cd and takes your pet so if you want to use it and have a pet (because w/o pet you have no peel and if you jump on more than 1 person you'll just get CCéd) you have to use the pet twice. This skill is unusable in duels because of its high cd, unusable in real pvp because of its high cast time, you can literally only cast it to gank an enemy pve group or in battleground...


Black Desert Online Class: Flawed and Retarded


speaking of battleground.. tamer is the biggest joke in that place , its so bad that i actually don't have the mental fortitude to recall all my horrible experiences in it just to post them in this thread, all i can tell you is that i finish with orange/red points in the majority of my games  


tamer iframes are almost as insulting as the class itself, 90% of my deaths are mid-iframe, i get hit iframe *all* the time. I can hit other tamers in their iframe most of the time. Its not an iframe its a RNG-frame. Why can sorcs have perfect and op iframe but tamer must suffer with some brain damaging crap like this? 


bah whatever im just gonna skip all the shit i wanted to complain about and get right down to 


tamer pet - its supposedly the "core" mechanic of the class, except, my pet dies within 10 seconds every single battleground because its not a 1v1 game (altho rangers and witches can kill it even in 1v1 in few hits). The pet doesn't even work half of the time  - you literally have to use Q twice (per average) in order for it to work, it doesn't work if its mid-casting skill on a player or a mob , it doesn't work if the pet get's CCed (which is most+ of the time) , the pet still takes damage during Q so it can even die. It barely does any dmg to +15 gear, i have +15 for a long time and sometimes i just get bored by enemy tamers spamming Q and because i have zero ranged CC's i just walk in their Q to see what they're gonna do - the pet does like 10% of my hp (at best) which is nothing. Im almost afraid to even imagine how shit the pet is going to be vs +17 gear people because its already shit, i play w/o my pet half+ of my pvp time because its just dead and gone. It's other CC (roar) also doesn't work half of the time and the only somewhat reliable skill is Surging Tide ( The pet version ) but considering how insanely shit tamer is, that skill is permanently on CD because you rely on it for every single thing in the game because its one of the few things you can rely on ... but even surging tide fails you when there is desync.. and 


let's talk about desync  you think giants have it bad? with 3 grabs you can afford to miss one or even two - giants actually don't even have that bad of a damage, most players ive met just play it as cc bot and complain about not having damage when thats not a limitation by the class,. Desync affects tamer the most out of all melees because you don't do any damage without down attacks on geared people. A tamer can get screwed over by grab desync, by kd desync, by random ass disposition desyncs and what not - meanwhile valkyre celestial spear is ranged and AOE and 100% to hit so its almost never affected by desync (or rng resists from which tamer also suffers the most because if people stack them - you cant do damage). To be honest, without desync i'd more or less tolerate all the bad sides of tamer but with it in here (and it seems like its here to stay ) its just too much - a single desync vs geared ranger and you're toast , im with stacked evasion and 212 dp and geared rangers kill me in a single knockdown regardless and its only going to get worse with + gear. I can almost imagine future tamer pvp scenario - go to a ranger, dodge his stuff perfectly / block his cc's / use your own CC - he resists it or desyncs and then 2shots you because you're animation locked and exposed standing on place. The desync is too much and for tamer it just has to happen once, sure other melees suffer but its not as bad as it is for tamer when it comes to desync because they have other tools or mechanics to cover for them if they need it and the only thing that covers tamer is the retarded pet which is CCEd or dead 95% of the time in anything else than 1v1


and speaking of 1v1, yes tamer does do good in 1v1 which is why many people say that tamer isn't as weak as it actually is but this game has no 1v1 content whatsoever, there isn't a single situation in which you're forced to do 1v1 and sadly it feels like Pearl Abyss has decided to balance the game for 1v1 (As good as they could for their own standards) which is the reason why you see witches and rangers (ranged safe classes) able to oneshot people/ melt them in 1sec(even tanks) - because if they couldn't do that then they would suck in 1v1. Little does PA know, nobody is forced to do 1v1 in this game so when you go to mass pvp or party pvp or whatever - you have some retarded warrior (whos immortal due to his class) grabbing you while a witch uses blizzard and you die in 2 seconds (Regardless of gear ,level, class, skill points, money, anything). Mass pvp is plagued by ranged classes that melt everyone in 1s and im supposed to be content with my 1v1 prowess as tamer? HA. You know what's better than tamer in 1v1? desync. At higher level you know what happens when one person desyncs?


I think tamer is the biggest parody of a class i've seen in a game and an insult to anyone playing it. Maybe its just bad patches that got to tamer to make it as it is now but i don't care about that. I play on EU server and the other regions don't interest me at all, its Daum and PA's fault for the state in which this class is because they are not taking the proper measures to balance it. If EU has more desync than other regions then you swallow your pride and balance the game accordingly, analyze what classes benefit from desync the most and what are most screwed up by it and nerf/buff accordingly. Problem is that even once desync is fixed the pet will still die in 3 shotguns by geared rangers. Even so, the pet won't listen to half+ of your commands because its "programmed" absolutely horrible. The pet attack skill does not even work and thats important (It shouldnt even have cast time at all so it can be used mid fight) because your pet shoots surging tide (ranged stagger) at its target but you can't even control that. If you could, you could ask it to attempt to stagger rangers and witches for example. 


The class doesn't in the least reward my efforts and i don't think it ever will.  I don't know anything about awakenings and all but from what i know tamer will remain a squishy useless retard class thats probably a free kill ( i literally 1`combo every single other tamer i've met in my life and if they survive more than 5s its because they desync or run). Completely ruined by technical difficulties and concept. If a gm or anything gave me a choice to change to another class (ranger for example) that has the same gear equivalent, pearl shop items and level/xp/skill points i'd do it despite the fact that i only started this game because of tamers and their appearance/animations in general - too bad the guy balancing the game had little clue what he was doing