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Black Desert Online Desync Misconceptions

Right so lately I've noticed the word desync just being thrown around for no real apparent reason with very little understanding of how it works and why it happens so I'm gonna write a little article explaining what desync is and why it happens so the development team can also understand why it happens. Because typically they think it's a latency issue when that isn't always the case. And I'm emphasising isn't always the case because bad latency can also cause desync.


Lets start of simple, desync literally is the desynchronisation of elements on the "Players" screen. A heavy emphasis on players screen. Which is caused by the server not refreshing fast enough. When this happens the last known command the server received will be executed not necessarily what is shown on the players screen. And this is how basically all desync works. 


Now let's move on the topic of servers.


The hardware and software (netcode) of a server can massively govern how bad or how little a game will desync. Just to keep things fairly easy to understand for users, I'll be dumbing down a lot of the information so it's easier to understand. First the hardware of the server. This can heavily influence desync on a online multiplayer game. And depending on the "Ticks" of your server it'll dictate how much a server will desync. Ticks are basically how fast a server refreshes its information to make sure information from the players screen is accurately portrayed and processed by the server to other users on their screen. A low tick rate means more chance of server desync issues. This is excluding latency. A lot of standard servers use a tick rate of 20-24(?). If BDO is using servers with tick rates this slow in its current format it'll explain the terrible desync said by players.


Now about netcode. 


This mostly applies to players with bad internet. If the games netcode is badly written it can also cause desync. But this is player induced desync. Keeping it simple, if the users with bad internet abuse how the netcode is structurally written such as doing damage and you saw it on your screen but the user wasn't in that location anymore but because of your lag it looked like he was still in that position and you send packet data saying "yes I hit that person" but the netcode isn't created in a way to do a packet check on location toppled with slow tick servers. Yeah you're probably already know what I'm going to say but it'll cause once again desync.


i hope this clears up some misconceptions on desync and now people have a better understanding of how it happens and why it happens. Currently the only people being hurt by desync are the people with extremely good latency whereas people with bad latency are reaping the benefits. To add, desync is a lot less apparent with good latency however it's still noticeable. The best way to relieve desync is a server upgrade with servers boasting higher ticks e.g 64 or 128.