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Black Desert Online Discord Issues

Hello All


So currently my guild is using Discord for voice chat and im the only one having issues.  I have looked though Discord's forums and have seen the problem mentioned but never really solved.  So i am reaching out to the community to see if anyone has had similar issues and has solved it.  I'm going to try to give as much info as i can


So the issue is:  After 30 min - an hour of having discord open, all of the people in my channel start to sound like robots and cutting in and out.  Shortly after BDO crashes and Disorc will remain open but not resolve the robotic issue.  If i restart Discord it will still sound robotic and will prevent BDO from loading properly (wont be able to open doors or use skills ect).  So i am then forced to play without discord or restart computer.  I looked at what it was doing in my task manager while the robotic sound was happening and Discord is skyrocketed in my memory and overflowing and maxing out my Disk least that is what it seems to be doing.


Black Desert Online Discord Issues


I know it is not BDO because i can run Team speak fine with no issues right after closing Discord.


I have a custom built desktop with a quality graphics card (installed just after game release), plenty of Ram, computer usually runs at about 40 degrees C when BDO and Discord both are running.  Normally sits around 60-70% memory usage (mostly from BDO) 


What i have done to try and fix so far...


I've reset my router, physically cleaned my computer, replaced my heat sink (running a lot cooler now), set computer to high performance (helped in BDO but not with Discord), Run both game and Discord as administrator (didn't help), tried reinstalling Discord, not using the discord overlay (apparently most people having these issues is caused by the overlay), i saw mentioned in a Discord post to close a few ports (no replies to if it actually worked for anyone)...i did it but don't know if i did it right...either way it didn't help. that i have dumped all the info i can think of into this post....has anyone else had these issues and found a solution?


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