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Black Desert Online FAQ

When will this game launch?
Black Desert was released in December 2014 in Korea. It’s scheduled for late 2015/early 2016 in EU and NA

Black Desert Online FAQ

Will there be a Beta?
The western beta will start this year.

What game engine does Black Desert use?
Black Desert is using its very own game engine.

What are the PC requirements to run Black Desert?
There is no information about the requirements yet, but you should use a Mid-High End System to be able to run Black Desert.

How long has the project been in development?

Black Desert has been in development since September 2010. The Developer is Pearl Abyss

How does the combat System work?

Black Desert will be an MMORPG action game that uses WASD keys, mouse controls or combination of both, for example:Left click: normal attack (eg. fighter swings his/her sword)

Right click: auxillary attack (eg. fighter attacks with shield)

W+L-click: thrust attack

S+L-click: charge attack

There will also be a hotbar to put skills, but Pearl Abyss has expressed the desire to offer a greater variety in combat beyond hotbars. In Black Desert, the timing of attacking, dodging, and blocking are extremely important. Pearl Abyss has developed the game so that players must have quick reactions to their enemies and play in a real-time manner.

How many classes are playable?
The playable classes at the moment are Warrior, Sorcerer, Giant, Ranger, Tamer, Blader, Valkyrie, Wizard, Witch, and Kunoichi.

Will the classes be gender-locked?
The classes will have balanced counterparts for each gender. They may vary in skills, but the concept for each class is the same.

What type of mounts will Black Desert include? Will there be flying mounts?
Thus far, we have seen different types of horses, donkeys, camels, elephants and tamed dogs as mounts. Pearl Abyss has stated that flying mounts will most likely not be implemented into the game.

What is a sandbox game?

Sandbox is a style of game in which minimal limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the player to roam and shape the world at will. In contrast to a progression style game, a sandbox game emphasizes freedom and the task of what to do first is left entirely up to the player. Instead of featuring segmented areas or numbered levels, the player has access to the entire world from start to finish.

What’s the maximum level a player can achieve?
There is no level capacity, but once a player reaches level 50 they may find it very difficult to gain additional levels.

How does the leveling work?
Rather than gaining experience points from quests like most MMORPGs, experience comes primarily from killing monsters. Quests give separate beneficial rewards.

Will you be able to level up common skills?

Yes, common skills like crafting, cooking, alchemy etc. will level up as you use them.

How does the mount system work?
On your mount, speed is greatly increased. You are able to jump and roam the area freely. Mounted combat is in place, meaning you don’t have to get off your trusty steed to defeat enemies!

Are there dungeons in Black Desert?
Yes. Black Desert will provide open world dungeons.

The houses are instanced or open world?
The housing system will be instanced, although a minority of houses will be open world, you will have to buy them through auction house and be used as guild halls.

Can you swim?
Yes, you can.

Can you do PvP in the open world?
Yes. You will be able to kill or to be killed by other players in the open world.

What are castle sieges?
You will be able to attack other guilds’ castles by bombarding the gates or using ladders to scale the castle wall. On the defending side, you must destroy enemy artillery and prevent players from invading.

What are the advantages of owning a castle?
Players who own homes must pay taxes to the guild who owns the castle of that area, bringing in a lot of income for large guilds.

Can you farm materials?
Yes, Black Desert will feature a typical MMORPG farming system.

Can you improve your relationships to NPCs?
Building relationships with NPCs is a crucial part of Black Desert. An NPC may require you to kill a mob or help with a task to gain favor with them. In turn, they can grant you access to dungeons or give you beneficial items.