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Black Desert Online is a PvP heavy game

Skill should be rewarded more than hard work if the main thing is pvp. Anyone with hands and time can get maxed out gear but understanding how to use your class and work effectively to bring out its full potential is a completely different game. There's way too many casuals trying to hide behind GRINDING = SKILL. Or being over geared vs average is fair X).


But then again a lot of the community likes to one shot the guy in their area before continuously farming the same mobs for the next 10 hours and call themselves "hardcore" :^) 


Though, the biggest difference between a moba and a mmo is the community mind set. One requires tactics with a heavy emphasis on skill and the latter is well...


Best thing yet is saying, "want to compete as a casual? Pick a moba or an FPS". 


There's a reason why mobas and FPS have a competitive scene and MMOs do not. Man that statement was like saying professional footballers are casual and Fifa players are hardcore XD. 


Black Desert Online is a PvP heavy game


Honestly I've never had too much trouble killing players with far weaker gear. Personally I don't really care about the gear strengths or weaknesses but rather how the gear upgrading process works. It's a roulette. There's no rewarding hard working players with the current upgrading system if they still get screwed by RNG. It makes p2w a reasonable gesture for these players. As for arguments sake, the reason why I said it like this was because everyone says gear in the pay 2 win argument. Remove gear being a major determining factor then the p2w aspect disappears.


I dunno, I've never had trouble getting fail stacks quickly and cheaply. A couple of mil is enough for me to get around 20-30 stacks. Unless you're also buying stones. Which I don't see why. The only things need being bought are fragments but if you spend them correctly and sell in a correct order you can always break even whilst slowly repairing your gear. It's all about money management. 


Granted however most of my money would be spent getting the +16 upgrade stone however they aren't as expensive as before. Depending on my luck hitting tri/tet with one piece of gear in about 30-50mil seems fairly plausible only if I'm not upgrading boss armour. Also I could have shitty luck and stay at duo.