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Black Desert Online is not anymore a sandbox game

Hi everyone,


First of all I want to tell you that I do not make this topic to compromised the game because I love Black Desert Online and I have already pre-ordered the 50€ version, but to me it risks of not not walked a long way.

The game was announced as a mmo " sandbox " with an open world pvp but is it always the case for our EU/ NA version ?


To me BDO is not anymore a real "sandbox" game. It's an other important problem of the game.


To me BDO is not a real sansbox game because :


- It is not the players who manage the economy of the game (no trade/ only AH with fixed prices )


- it's not the players who manage the pvp system (karma)


There is no interest to create :


- trade guilds (because no trade between players) 


- mercenary guilds (because we can't give monney) ofc those guild can exist but they can't be Rewarded with monney.


- Guardian guilds : Guilds which protect the players of the PK (because we can't reward them with monney)


- Pk guilds (no loot on players or no loot on Cart, and AH is not local but general about is the city or we are so no risk with the transportation of goods with carts


Well i'm sorry to say that but in my opinion this game wont work, this is a great game but not a "sandbox" game.


It will works for 6 month, maybe more, times for all players to grind lvl 56 or more and after that, all players are going to realize that the game is without interest.


Ok there is pvp with pk/open pvp world / GvG/ Arena and few PvE content with boss and jobs and horses but it's not enough if the game do not respect the fact that it was announced as a sandbox game.


If the game wants to work on the long term he has to respect the codes of a sandbox game which is not the case at the moment.


Maybe i'm totaly wrong and this will be possible in the game on our EU/NA version, if so, please tell me.


PS : i love the game


  • Wrheckz (03/05/2016):
    yes you're so wrong. game is a huge hit. everything you complained about in your post are the things that made it good.