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Black Desert Online Level 10 Node Problem

First of all i know that this thing has been discussed multiple times but i still want to bring my experience and know yours if possible. 


Now here is the thing: i have been farming basilisk since 4 weeks and in the meanwhile invest energy in the node whenever i could... i noticed that in X hours (minimum 2) i could get around the same X items, rng or not i was able to get from 3 to 5 pilafe scrolls, minimum 3 rocaba armors and a piece of basilisk belt (2 if extremely lucky), this every day for these 4 weeks until 5 days ago.


Black Desert Online Level 10 Node Problem


So about 5 days ago i finally reached the level 10 on the node.... and in these 5 days i noticed an huge decrease in the drop rate of rare items, considering the same time of farming of 2 hours. I passed from 3/5 pilafe to 1 maximum 2, from the minimum 3 rocaba now the max i can get is 1, 2 if i'm really lucky. I even tried to get S knowledge on mobs but nothing changed... 


Since i had the doubt i asked to a friend of mine to farm there for the same amount of time with his level 1 node, and he got exactly what i could get before bringing the node at level 10. Heck he even gets the same 2 to 5 quest items x mob like me. 


Obviously i'm not counting basilisk pieces/assault crystal or the belt itself as a drop for this kind of test since the drop rate is so low that you can't really tell if there is a problem with the node or if i'm just unlucky. 


Now i'm seriously tempted to reset the node... the only thing stopping me from doing so is the huge amount of energy i have invested to get level 10.


Why the heck investing such an huge amount of energy on leveling the node is punishing me? I mean i could be even ok by getting the same amount of drops but even lower?? I don't really know if the last patch bugged something since you can't really prove anything without real numbers on how much increase you get at level 10 nodes, but really there is something wrong here.


I swear that until i see changes to nodes investment (aka making numbers clear, fixing something or even increasing the drop rate for each level) i'm never gonna waste energy on that thing anymore.


Also as i said earlier, i would love if you guys could share your experience with a level 10 node...