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Black Desert Online Mediah Expansion Released (NA/EU)

The new Mediah Expansion has just been released on the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online and there is a lot of new content to talk about.


“With the Mediah Expansion, players can rise to new levels of power and achieve greatness like never before” – Daum Games.


This is the first expansion for Black Desert Online since its official release in March and it promises a lot of new content and extended gameplay options including Alchemy Stones and new sets of armor such as the Grunil armor set.

The new zone increases the total world size by 30% and offers brand new areas and towns to explore and many new nodes to invest in.


Mediah Expansion Features


World size increased by 30%.

Over 1,000 new quests.

Kzarka – an enormous boss that can take on hundreds of players at a time.

New guild missions, including special bosses that drop formidable weapons.

Crimson Battlefield – Instanced 40v40 skirmishes that players can queue for in groups of five or solo.

New weapons and a more powerful armor set.

Craftable Alchemy Stones allow players to apply Attack, Defense or Life bonuses to their equipment.

Equipment can be enchanted to higher levels.


Black Desert Online


Players can now acquire the Grunil armor set from mob drops or via crafting using the in-game Blacksmith profession as well as access to more powerful Boss Armors that drop from Boss Scrolls given by the Black Spirit or dropped by certain mobs throughout the world.


Black Desert Online


The Crimson Battlefield has also been added which features instanced 40v40 player vs player skirmishes that can be queued up with 4 friends or solo.

The Crimson Battlefield is a merciless battle system which you can participate in with the help of the Black Spirit from anywhere and anytime once you reach level 50.

Once you join, allies and foes will be divided by the Black Spirit and countless comrades will already be fighting on the battlefield.

Moreover, you do not suffer any death penalties while in the Crimson Battlefield.


For a full write up and list of features available in the Crimson Battlefield head here.


Black Desert Online


A new event has also been added “The Cherry Blossom Event”


During this event players will be able to obtain Cherry Blossom seeds by gathering from Dry Thicket, Wild Herb and Desert Herb with their bare hands.

Cherry Blossom Seeds can be cultivated in a garden, although they are a bit larger than most plants and require 2 grids of space to grow.

Unwithering Cheery Blossom Petals can be exchanged at seed vendors found in Heidel and Calpheon.


Enjoy the official Mediah Expansion Trailer below.



This new expansion as well as all future updates and expansions is offered completely free of charge by Daum Games.


For a full list of all patch notes and added features please head over to our forum post here


If you wish to purchase Black Desert Online in NA/EU please head over to their official website using the link below.