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Black Desert Online Playing & Leveling

Black Desert is not a demanding game. In a little under three hours you can be anywhere from level 18 to level 28: even if you're starting from scratch! 


Most of the things you'll want to be doing at the start is just leveling. Don't worry about buying equipment as it will come to you from leveling up. I personally feel that a mix of Zerenth and Agerian armor is best for leveling as it is cheap, increases attack speed, and damage. You'll also want to get as many items that have the stat called Accuracy as you can find. ESPECIALLY with your Off-hand / Secondary Weapon. This is not World of Warcraft. It's like the song, "A mule is an animal with long funny ears, ...his back is brawny and his brain is weak," don't believe the guides: Damage-Per-Second in this game does NOT come from higher Attack Power (abbreviated as AP) ~ It comes from whether or not you actually hit something in the first place. Black Desert is a "brains on" sort of game. If you can't hit something you can't do any damage, right? For this reason you want to put your attention on getting your weapons to read "Enhancement Effects: Increased Accuracy." Later on you can change this if you find a way to really get accuracy from items upgraded elsewhere: specifically boss gloves which come with more accuracy. In summary: Accuracy makes you hit so make sure you're hitting even Orange or Purple creatures before you consider getting Accuracy through other items like Gloves. 


- Straight Forward Guide on Where to Level - 


Black Desert likes to show off its world and rightly so! It's a gorgeous next generation MMO whose developers really love us and their game. There's so much attention to detail that if you're not appreciating that you maybe shouldn't be playing MMOs. This is the first game in a decade to give us a Sandbox, non-instanced, MMO: the last being Dark Age of Camelot. Just to see how much this is true check out Meoni's video on YouTube: Black Desert Online - News 2/4/2016 - Major Content Patch! ( ). This game is going to be fantastic, including all of the things we have ever seen in MMOs plus a great deal more. 


To get going just do what the Black Spirit tells you until you have reached Heidel. After that detour into Harukai's Guide below.


Assuming you have done so, moving on... Having tried this method myself I found that the Witch or Wizard goes fastest through here. Other classes can take a bit longer. However, as I have actually leveled 4 characters to level 50 in just four days following it I'm confident the guide is entirely accurate with more experience. I recommend that new players expect between 20 and 50 hours to get to level 46. Here's what I do:


1. Begin at Olivia and just follow the Black Spirit quests to Heidel.


2. At Heidel take the quests around Northern Heidel Quarry and then head west to Alejandro Farm. Hang around there until level 15 or 17: whenever your patience wears out is fine. Then leave to Lynch Farm Ruins and hang around there until your patience wears out again. By now you should be 19 or 20. Take a walk to Moretti Plantation and then South to Eastern Gateway. I personally try to get done with this area as fast as I can. This is called Rebels area and it's usually overrun with people in the evening. Get to 23 or so and head off into the hills west of there killing Naga and Frogmen. When you've had enough with that head to the town of Glish. At this point you should be around level 23 to 26. Pickup all the quests you can and backtrack to the ones you've neglected. Prioritize doing the Bloody Monastery area before all else except if you neglected to do more with Rebels (Rebels is really a personal choice thing). At level 26 or 27 you should head out of Monastery to Red Orcs located just west of Southwestern Gateway. 


3. At level 30 you can head off into hills again. This time you're headed to Delphe Knight's Castle. Only head here after you've done all the Red Orc quests you could find! These quests will eventually take you to Delphe Outpost just north of there. Here you have the option between Rhutum and Harpies. Harpies are located in the mountains above and around Delphe Outposts while Rhutum are located west of there. Depending on your class and personal issues with claustrophobia you have the choice between either or. I find Rhutum a gigantic waste of time and would not recommend them, but most guides do. Either way you'll be doing these anywhere from level 32 to 39 or level 32 to 38. After that you can try to get a group at Chimera near Keplan (far south of Delphe areas) or head to Bree Tree Ruins to finish out level 39 to 40. I would recommend Bree Tree Ruins as there are number of quests at the top of the road there which take some time to do and Contribution Points come from quests. Contribution Points will be discussed later, but by now you'll have started to think about them. You can also try Abandoned Land just northwest of Calpheon were all the zombie infected area. It's usually over camped, but hey... guides.  From level 40 to 46 you'll want to head to Keplan. Here you can grind Chimera, a weird fun creature made my a mad scientist. These creatures given A LOT of exp and come in huge groups. You can do all of 40 to 46 in a few hours. 


5. At level 46 and beyond you'll probably want to head straight to Trent area. This is south of Calpheon and far West. All of the creatures in this area are your level and beyond. Head to the two big lakes right next to each other in that region and start killing Catfish. Once you've done this for awhile you'll be rolling in money and eyeing up Mediah (which is reallllllly great money). 


Should I Use My Respec Scroll Reward? 


Mmm, maybe? It depends on your class. If you're a Ranger go find someone who's a Ranger you're saying, "I don't understand how they are so awesome," and ask them. Continue this process until you feel you're certain you know how you want to go through reallocating your points. This is somewhat true of Tamer, Valkyrie, and Sorc (etc - by order of difficulty, left to right). Some classes like the Witch and Wizard are a little less difficulty to really skill so badly as to be unplayable whereas it is very easy to do this with a Ranger. Why? The Ranger uses an odd stat tree that's unconventional and so unfamiliar to most gamers. You'll want to take some time to do some research before "winging it" with this class. In any case, most classes will gain Combat Skill Points at such a prolific rate and amount post-50 you'll be fine not using the Respect Reward unless you feel you've really messed up. All the same, it happens frequently. Go slow and make your best judgement after doing some research here. 


I'm Level 50: Now What?


By now you'll want to start thinking about better gear. Where level 1 to 50 was kind of "anything goes" level 50 isn't. Below is an example of an Armor / Weapon Set I use along with some fairly reliable guides.