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Black Desert Online Problems and Solutions

Lets go start a topic and explain and talk about the real problems of black desert online and not the cry shit i'm reading in ton of other topic....need constructive solutions and not only pointless rant


Problem Number 1 :WORLD BOSS


world boss mechanic and loot table is seriously stupid it reward only high dps players rangers/sorc/wizards(but 7/10 are rangers way higher dps on single target),they have a tank/spank/survive mechanic that is outdated and extremly boring ,it is boring to wait for boss to spawn ,it is stupid bis gears drop only on this type of boss and that only FEW people can get em.


solution A:very simple here really....remove the damn world boss ALL nobody like em also who farm them 24/7 with no life...nobody want wait for em change channels and hope in freaking RNG,increase a lot the loots for daily and weekly scrolls


solution B:change the boss loots....ALL world boss drop 1-5 tokens based on activity number of deaths,dps ,damage taken and you can exchange tokens for loots(no rng here)


Problem Number 2: MARKET PLACE


i like the comunist system of set max and minimum prices for loots but it isn't enough...there are hacking bots,the number we must imput for purchase on marketplace are clients side and it is easy to bypass for 99% of lamers that looks some of sites or google for it,legit players have close to zero chance of purchase rare items on marketplace and thats not a my opinion,ping+hackign refresh+numbers make impossible for EVERY legit player purchase items there.


solution A: all players can bid on a rare item in a range of 60 seconds and the system pick up one person randomly after the 60 seconds .RNG sure but i PREFER rng to a ping dependent sniping system or to see "hackers" win everything


Black Desert Online Problems and Solutions


solution B:setting a hidden bid system in a reange of 60 seconds every person can bid an ammount of money and after 60 seconds higher one win the item ( sadly this method isnt going to work in this game there are players with billions and load of unlegit items that can purchase everything and gold bots would use this method for feed other players )


Problem Number 3: RNG


everyone like some risk but when you see your friends get 3 ogre rings in 3 hours of game and you spend 200 hours without get 1 single one....well you are going to quit or rage...we play the games for fun not for be frustred


solution A alternative methods for get every item ingame including boss armors and ogre rings,i think a token system reward would work great here all players would have reason for log in and do shit ingame


solution B increase a lot the drop rate for everything ,we dont live in korea more of people here work ,have families and other hobbies playing whole day is something only a little part of community can do and isnt healty or safe....more players happy=more cash shop items punchased on market is a win win situation deum..look wow system....a game 15 years old but still on top because allow everyone from casual at top player to get items and be competitive...


Problem Number 4 : PVP


doesnt exist a single  mmo pvp competitive including wow ,real competition happen when everyone has a fair chance of be on same level with another player (moba games or shooter games) ,pvp element in a mmo is fun but isnt the main thing,progression is what matter...every player want became stronger with the time and be able to improve,exp lose on pk was most stupid thing seen in a mmo...i really can't believe some people on forum dislike the korean decision fo remove exp lose on was filled of bully and griefer killing players 2-3-4 lvl lower or 50 ap lower in 1 hit only for remove them exp,defending the spot is a -----ing lie...there are ton of endgame spots for lvling up with no contest...right now sausan spots are empy nobody is lvling there and we must wait 20 30 minuts for fill a group.Pirates are  the current endgame loots and same exp as sausans but only geared players can go there .


Solution: no need a solution for is currently exp lose and incoming siege wars (hopeful we will have some control on node wars for hackers) stop crying if you can't bully anymore people 5 lvl lower than you..