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Black Desert Online PvP and Politics Scenes

I want to tell you a story not just of how most people are looking at PvP wrong, but how politics and interpersonal interactions destroyed an overly aggressive guild.


Kill stealing, PK, and an eventual friendship with members of ClubPenguin


To be completely honest, things started back when we first got into headstart.  Grinding areas was, at the time, a chore unless you managed to level faster than everyone else.  More often than not we would find ourselves trying to stray from 1-50 guides and carve out our own little portions of the mobs to level at.  More often than not it led to myself and one of my guildmates grinding in areas that weren't efficient, and at a slightly higher level than we should have been farming in.  Thankfully we were able to at least keep pace, though to be fair we were ahead of a decent number of people.


Eventually we found ourselves at the abandoned lands.  It turned out to be great xp, and it was at the time, mostly empty.  So we sat around on teamspeak shooting the shit and killing mob after mob, and dumping every bit of energy we gained into the node.  After grinding for a while people began showing up.  Now we didn't really have much in the way of a fixed path, but for the most part we just ran circles around the top of the hill clearing every group we passed.  Suddenly, there was a ranger along with a few guildmates.  Now the other people in that guild didn't really get too close to us... they kept to part of the hill by themselves, so we started doing the same.  The ranger though... that ranger kept coming into our groups and stealing them.  So we took note of the ranger's name and guild, ClubPenguin.  Eventually we told ourselves, we would do something about it.


That moment wouldn't come until we were in the late 40s.  We'd decided to try farming one of the shrines for xp and drops, and to our surprise the ranger runs by.  Needless to say with our chance finally at hand we flag and kill the ranger.  They come back, and we chase them off into the woods, finally catch up, and to be completely honest they put up a hell of a fight.  With the steam of our assault dying out, we respond to their message "hey wtf?"


We remind them of our encounter at abandoned lands, and turns out the guy doesn't seem like too bad of a guy.  We group up and farm for a bit, and over the next month or two continue to do so, occasionally throwing in scroll groups and the like.  We made in-roads, and for all intents and purposes considered each other's guild friendly.  This continued up through Mediah, with groups every now and then, etc.


The road to war with ClubPenguin members


There was a problem though.  Apparently the guild had some kids that were loose cannons.  One of our members at the time was associating with one of theirs.  Apparently, as the story goes, one of their members was acting stupid.  Our member, lightheartedly, told them they were being a boob.  Now this offense was so grave that he had to declare war at once.  Now, with our guild members being primarily PvP-oriented players a war doesn't really bother us.  At the same time though, our guild at the time held a total of ten members, while they had over 50.  To make matters worse, 3 of those members had been inactive for weeks.  Needless to say a war wasn't in our best interest.  One of other the leaders in our guild and the offending member reached out to make amends.  The war was retracted, and things appeared to be over.


A day or two later we're back to helping each other out.  After a decent stint grinding Elric, some of their members show up.  Our ranger friend shoots us a message asking if we minded letting them grind the area for a bit.  Considering we were heading off to grind elsewhere anyway, we decided to go ahead and pack up and let our friends take the spot.  A few hours pass, and suddenly they've declared war again.  I reach out to the person who put it through, their GM Cryy.  He tells me that apparently one of our members called one of theirs a name - and that they wanted to declare over it.  Sound familiar?  That's because apparently they were upset enough to try to reinstate the exact same war all over again.  Again after talking it out, things died down.


Another day or two passes, and again we're grinding Elric.  The same group we'd handed the area to before shows up, and begins to try to steal our farm.  They weren't doing a particularly good job of it and we got credit for just about everything, so despite the minor annoyance we kept going.  Needless they were upset and began telling us to leave because it was "their" area.  A few more rounds of this and they begin telling us that if we want them to leave we'll need to flag and kill them.


Of course their intention was completely transparent.  If we flagged and killed them, there would be war, and we were still trying to be diplomatic.  Instead of flagging I simply respond, "we're obviously out farming you, so there's no reason for us to."  Now, at the time they outnumbered us 5-3 or so.  Sensing an impending gank attempt I reached out to other guild officers, who began heading over.  One of our other officers arrives and tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting a coin toss.  One of their guys then told him that he could "shove his coin up his gaping ***ina," and continued talking all sorts of other shit.  Over teamspeak our officer said, "nope, I'm not having any part of this" and left.  Now, having given them the area previously as a favor to a friend and being declared on right after over something stupid, I wasn't willing to cede the area.


Of course moments later as I figured they would, they tried to take advantage of our lower numbers - mid pull they flagged.


One of ours, a lower level, died quickly.  Even still, they had two people in our group... and we began destroying them.  One of ours kill one before being killed himself.  Suddenly, I'm there alone vs 4.  I flag to make sure I can keep the fight going as long as possible until my party returns, then I start by melting their wizard.  Then two others.  Then the wizard again as he uses a tear.  Soon their entire party is completely gone.  


My party returned, we continued farming, and eventually they showed back up.  "Well if only I weren't so low in karma" they told us, despite the fact I murdered nearly the entire party solo.  They continued to try to steal farm for a while, and eventually gave up and left.  I'm sure everyone knows what happened next.  Not long after we quit farming, we got notification that they'd declared war.  Screw it, I figured we might as well let it ride out and do as well as we could.


Of course, I was obviously out of -----s to give.  Now the glorious thing about having a lateral leadership structure, is we all have equal say.  I was done being diplomatic, and after a short discussion it appeared that all of our leadership was on the same page.  We would declare war, and leave the war running until ClubPenguin decided to kick the members that initiated and retracted.  While riding towards Calpheon I notice a lone ClubPenguin member sitting stationary on the side of the road.  I figured we had less than five minutes left before their declaration took effect so I pulled my horse off out of their sight and dismounted.  I worked my way towards nearby bushes, in Ghillie, and waited.  They were obviously AFK.  As soon as their declaration took effect, I immediately returned the favor and melted their afk player within the first 30 seconds.  This would later become a moment that produced a lot of salt.


Later that night, we found them doing boss scrolls - and despite only having two of us decided to go for it.  It was a bad decision for score, but hell it was fun.  Despite the fact we started out 2v5, they called in more.  Soon it was 2v10.  We managed to still kill 7 more people, but it cost us 50 deaths.


Guerrilla Warfare and a Major Hit to Morale 


Over the next few days we fought smarter.  I'd patrol the roads on my horse murdering all of their members I saw solo, some of which were apparently AFKing during the war.  7 people vs over 50 wasn't much of a threat I suppose.  We went from 1:5 kdr to 1:3.  Soon it was 1:2.  When we eased up on the hit and run tactics, they regularly brought 10+ to fight groups of 3-5.  Worse yet, they regularly used the safe zones to prevent us from getting kills when we fought too close to towns... so we started using the edges of safe zones as well.  Now, the best part of course is the conversation with the Ranger we ganked way back when.  He begins telling us how our hit and run tactics weren't going to work - everyone would be grouped up with higher level members for protection.  


I can't say I blame em.  It was a solid idea, on paper at least.  The thing they forgot was, of course, our much smaller group could always run together.  While their high level characters were guarding lower level characters they weren't progressing, but we were.  And they still thought of us as so little of a threat their people would regularly run around solo of AFK.


Still having communication with members from their guild, we learned that people were pretty unhappy about how things were going, but the vocal group that called for the war didn't want it to end.  No problem.  We pushed the KDR to 1:1.2.  At this point I reached out to their GM Cryy and told him if he wanted to end it, we would, he would just need to shoot one of us a message.  He didn't of course, so we decided to escalate.  We reached out to allies we'd made, and they all declared as well.  After being slaughtered by multiple guilds and ending up at almost 1:1 against a guild they outnumbered by over 5:1 they'd had enough.  They retracted, and despite the blast I'd had murdering people while on horseback the war was finally over.  Best part is it seemed one of the offending members had indeed been kicked (though excuses were made that he'd left for a guild more focused on "progression")


Or was it?


Within days, he'd rejoined.  It was pretty obvious the entire scenario was just to help end the war, but whatever.  We intended to eventually redeclare after taking care of some other business.  Over the next few weeks they'd periodically kill our weakest members who were leveling.  Eventually they hyped themselves up on the idea of getting even - and we had war again.  Now, the funny thing is leading up to this declaration they'd lost a lot of members.  Some left and formed another sister guild for leveling called ClubPengu.  Others went to different guilds, and we even had members come to ours due to how the people of ClubPenguin had been acting.  Meanwhile, we had also grown.  Now 20 people strong, still with just around 10 active players things were - well not even in numbers, but I suppose all things considered relatively even.


This is the point it got downright hilarious.  We found them out in the Calpheon area, and were applying our usual hit and run.  They were wise to it by this point and communicated to group up in response to these tactics.  They got a kill on me early on, but lost several shortly after.  Eventually this migrated towards Heidel.  A single member of an ally guild saw we had been declared on and asked to get in on the action - we told him sure, come join the fun.  Now apparently from what I understand some of ClubPenguin's allies were engaged in fighting one of the Goon's guilds, so ParksAnRec declared on them.  Now having looked at his stream after the fact, Cryy assumed that since a single person from one of our allies declared to avoid karma loss, and a guild we had no affiliation with declared, we must be bringing allies to the fight.  Better yet, he went on about how he meant it to be a fair fight (despite previous zerg tactics) and the fact we were still heavily outnumbered.  At this point they were making use of Heidel's safe zone, and a large fight was going on between their allies and ParksAndRec at the same location.


We get declared on by their allied guilds, and it was on.  Despite being outnumbered at this point by 6:1, we pulled ahead in score.  They get fed up, and apparently the majority of ClubPenguin left.  Our KDR being 2:1 definitely didn't help things any.  Now, the thing about bringing allies into a fight is they don't really like being left to do all the work.  If they're doing the fighting and you're off grinding somewhere, you're likely to upset some people... and they did.  Their former ally removed their declaration against us.


Escalation and the implosion of ClubPenguin


Now here's where things get really interesting.  We'd been declared by multiple guilds, all of whom heavily outnumbered us so all bets were off.  We contacted their former ally and convinced them to go to war against ClubPenguin fighting on our side.  They did.  We reached out to other allies to take part.  They did.  We maintained our 2:1 lead, and over the next few days the server channel was constantly mentioning the next in a long chain of guilds declaring war against them.


ClubPenguin hemorrhaged members.  Better yet, the majority of these guilds were only declaring for short periods of time after we talked to them.  Thing is though, when you start trash talking guilds in whispers and on livestreams that anyone can watch word gets around.  Guilds that intended on only fighting for an hour or two after hearing ClubPenguin's GM, Cryy, trash talk their guild on his stream, decided to continue the fight.


While all this went on, we continued gearing up, merging with friendly guilds, and adding more members who wanted to be a part of our guild.  We grew to 34 members, and finally had a spot on the guild growth list (though to be fair, we aren't that high up simply because we prefer grinding things other than guild missions).  Meanwhile, ClubPenguin's membership dropped below 20, and they were removed from the list entirely.  Rumors began circulating that they were closing down ClubPengu.  They did.  Then there was talk that the same would happen to ClubPenguin.  Supposedly on one of the newer streams the Cryy, convinced the numerous war decs were due to the fact that he was regularly streaming, stated that he had kicked all the members of ClubPenguin out of the guild so they would no longer be burdened by the constant wars.  The funny thing is, of course, they never had to do with the stream.  Better yet, we directed some of these people who were fighting to the stream because Cryy and friends were talking tactics on it and trash talking as things went down.  I'm not going to lie, even though we hadn't been stream sniping up until this point, it was pretty fun to watch that (one) fight go down live and the reactions it caused in their comms.


After all is said and done, many of their members quite simply got tired of constant fighting.  They wanted progression, and not endless war.  Unfortunately, when you've got bloodthirsty kids in your guild and you cater to them more than the majority... well things will fall apart.  Most importantly though, when you fail to reach out and build bridges with other players and guilds you're only setting yourself up for failure.


After all is said and done, and in no particular order, I would like to publicly thank the following:


1. Enigma Gaming

2. Paintrain Pink

3. Paintrain Blue

4. DTP

5. Crimson Order

6. Crimson Knights

7. The Ravens

8. Stormblessed

9. Shadow Stalkers

10. Collosi

11. Endless Legends

12. Fire

13. Ravens of War


I would also like to put out a special thanks to GoonTang and ParksAndRec.  We might not have been allied, but the timing of their war really couldn't have been better.


That brings me to the final thing I'd like to say to everyone else.  Despite what people may say, PvP in BDO isn't all about your gear levels.  There's a lot more going on behind the scenes in guilds, and a lot more you can do by building bridges.  Sure, there are assholes out there ganking people left and right - but sooner or later they're going to gank the wrong person or guild and are going to pay the price for it.