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Black Desert Online Trading

Trading System
In its current form Black Desert Online does not feature a Player to Player trading system, rather it includes. a “trading system” that serves as the primary source of income for Players. This trading system functions similar to trading in real life; you buy items and try to sell them at a higher price and there’s likewise the possibility of losing money rather than making.

Black Desert Online Trading


~Is it Always Profitable to Trade?~
As aforementioned, it might occasionally occur that you while trading various items you might be forced to sell at a loss, but most of the times you will earn profits and there’s a few ways to “safely” trade. One way is to craft so called “trading items” and sell these in other towns. You can craft trading items with simple, inexpensive materials and as a have a 100% profit of what you sell.

Another way is to connect nodes across a very long distance, because when you sell items they are accompanied by a distance bonus. This bonus is calculated as a percentage of the original price, while a 10% bonus might not be much when selling ordinary items, it can be translated as huge profit when selling expensive/rare items. To do that you will need to connect nodes in a long distance, for example, Altinova in Mediah with Calpheon city. This will require a big number of contribution points, but it is worth the can buy black desert gold from

Additionally, in order to increase your profit you can play the mini game with the “Trade Administrator”. This minigame enables you to haggle with the NPC in order to sell items at a higher price. You will need to spend some energy points to do that, and all you have to do is to balance a weight scale.

~Are There any Risks?~
There exists a type of bandit-NPC roaming around roads and trade routes. These NPC will spawn when Players travel while having trade-items in their inventory; their aim is to kill you!. They are level 50, therefore low level players will die easily if they do not have a horse to run away fast. Despite those NPC’s, when you are level 50 and have good gear, these monsters are no challenge at all, you can by pass them even by auto traveling without the fear of death.
~The Basics: Trading 101~
There’s a special NPC located in every large city, as well as, big Trade Note named “Trade Administrator”; It is via this specific NPC that a Player can buy materials and goods produced in this area. Now that you’ve filled your bags with valuable goods you will need to travel around the world, or the next city and see if your goods can satisfy local needs. Being based on the free market rule of supply & demand, the selling price of a specific product is based on how much it is desired or needed by the local residents; in case your goods aren’t important to the locals it might happen that you will sell your items at a loss rather than profit. For example, if you have bought milk, and try to sell it to another farm which already has cows, you will not be able to sell it in higher price since the NPC’s will not be interested for something they can already produce themselves.

~How can I become a Merchant?~
Before you run off buying by bulk all types of goods that you can get your hands on, you need to take the following into account: For your trading to be rewarding you need to connect the desired areas (towns or nodes) of interest with each other. This is achieved by unlocking the specific nodes with contribution points. If you do not have the nodes connected, you will sell everything at the 30% of its original price. If the nodes are connected, you can sell the items between 80% and 130% of their original price depending on factors such as how many players sold the same item to that specific NPC and how interested the NPC is in that specific item.

When the two towns are connected, all you have to do is to buy from one NPC and travel to the destination you wish to sell.


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