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Black Desert Online Weapon Exchange Issue

really doesn't change the issue all that much.


its a HUGE profit drain to sell something at 1b+ you lose a major amount of that income (less now with value pack p2w, but still its significant loss of silver).


allowing exchange does not only remove the possibility of someone getting it from the market, thereby inriching the playerbase who didnt have the luck of the drop or the rng luck of upgrade, by allowing them a way to get it by grinding silver.

but it would also remove that ingame currency sink which is implemented to avoid too much inflation when exchanging items from player to player.


Black Desert Online Weapon Exchange Issue


in short it would hurt the playerbase to created a short term income for kakao, but in the long term it would make the game last shorter and be less attractive to anything but p2w players.


i know kakao got the foresight of a blind turtle so they are properly to stupid to realise any of this and if they hear the word "profit" no matter the sentence they will jees their pants and do whatever idiotic suggestion the sentence was used in.... however anyone with the tiniest idea of effect and long term impact would know why these type of things is a terrible idea (ofc. you could argue that pa are mindlessly stupid and that the silver sink got nothing to do with calculated design for currency sink and therefore it wouldn't hurt the game. but i would say even pa got enough basic knowledge to have basic currency sink designs for a reason ^^)...


a more importent suggestion would be "WTH isn't weight and inventory slots account wide and not character wide, seriously thats some fcked up bs right there".


and to keep on subject: weapon boxes should be sellable on market instead of ONLY unpacket boxes, this would also combat any moronic idea such as splitting up awakenings, so that witches/wizards could actually get their dandilion boxes by buying off the market with an equal chance of everyone else, instead of idiotic bs we see still going on (the mind boggles how anyone can be so damn mindnummingly blank that they simply dont see and understand the absurd amount of issues this awakening BS schedule have brought... i will bet money that you lost a noticible amount of players from that bs schedule alone, but who cares if your designing your releases for a 2year lifetime of "milk the cow" .... damn shame it is -.-)