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Black Desert Online Wil Bring More Adventure to Sea

Black Desert Online is a beautiful game with various filters to make the environments the game has look peaceful, bright, or even dark and eerie.  Many of the NPCs show signs of life instead of just boringly standing still, commerce (or appear to due to its animation) just like us players, and also give us the best bushes to hide in.


On top of all of this, the map is pretty large – and is only going to get larger. According to an interview with Pearl Abyss on, we’re going to expect quite a lot of content during 2016/2017. Not everything is set and stone at the moment, and Pearl Abyss has said “these plans can change,” but it’s still pretty hype and the content sounds phenomenal.


First of all, we’re getting more oceanic content! At the moment, we couldn’t do much on water as we could on land. There are abilities to dive and swim, and there are boats in the game, but still it doesn’t make much use of the ocean. However, with the new content Pearl Abyss has told us, there will be a lot more to do.  There will be major oceans added into the world, and navigation will be led by compasses and sea charts, along with intercontinental trade nodes that you would be able to go to. There will also be merchant ships, battleships, and naval combat – yes. NAVAL COMBAT. This would allow guilds to build boats and fight each other. 


There would be a new category of leveling due to this for water navigation and/or naval combat, and get this: underwater exploration and diving for treasure might be possible. Essentially, you can become a pirate.


Speaking of exploration, there will be more lands to explore! The land of the Giants, or the Dregan region, would be added, along with the land of the elves, or the the Kamasilvia region.  There is not much known about Dregan, but Kamasilvia will have their capital city, Grandir, governed by two queens: Brolina from the Ganelle clan and Herawen who are in charge of domestic affairs.


If you expected a male ranger to pop up, given the land of the elves, we will not be getting one- for now. However, we will be getting a dark elf. The reason why we wouldn’t be getting the male ranger is due to them not being able to find a solution so far since it would overlap with this new class and had been considering various play patterns.


Along with the new race, there are new awakenings for each character. Images of them are below. Each one gets one new weapon, some of them really fitting the character.


As for pets and mounts to help our journeys, there will be 9-teir horses and baby elephant pets.  There were three types: the Hell Firey Horse, the Pegasus, and the Unicorn, all of these varying in skills, but won’t be particularly faster. The baby elephants would be specialized for trading.


Now we have land and sea to explore, but what about dungeons, like traditional MMOs? At the moment, Pearl Abyss will be open to the possibility, but do believe that “It can effectively deliver the experience as intended by the developers to a limited number of players in a set space, but players must follow certain rules, and it is almost impossible to prevent repeated experiences. This will be the same for any forthcoming dungeons.” They are trying to enrich the PVE experience though by bringing in field bosses, and currently are trying to “give a specific role to certain monsters in the field.” 


Last, but not least, they would add voice chat support, a wanted player system, and various co-op contests. All of this would just add a bunch of life to the game, fun, and more adventure, giving older players more to do while newer players can catch up and explore the environment around.


To those who wanted trading restrictions removed, Pearl Abyss would like to keep the restrictions for now. They said that “Direct P2P transaction is an essential feature in terms of the degree of freedom, one of the core values an MMORPG should pursue. However, contrary to the positive connotation associated with the word “freedom,” most MMORPGs are full of item sweatshop operations and auto-players, which result from the ease of item monetization.”  They suggest that we should just continue to observe how the system currently is working out and if you have any suggestions that could work with their system, that you should contact them.


A summary of Pearl Abyss would like to add:


-Major oceans 

-Merchant Ships

-Naval Combat 

-New category of leveling for water navigation and/or naval combat

-Underwater exploration and Diving for treasure 

- The land of the Giants, or the Dregan region, along with the land of the elves, or the the Kamasilvia region. 

-New Class/Race: Dark Elf 

- 9-teir horses and baby elephant pets. 

-Voice chat support

-A wanted player system

-Various co-op contests.

-Character Awakenings


Concept art for these ideas are here (it is in Korean), and a big thanks to William Murphy for the interview.


With that, this concludes the list. Though I’m a bit sad about the ranger, I will say that the maritime content is astounding, and I hope it comes quick. What is the best (or worst) you’ve seen?