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Do you play the Black Desert Online everyday?

It's no where near as many players people would hope. Keep in mind the only MMO most people played is WoW and most kids nowadays didn't even play that, yet they will compare every MMO to it anyways without understanding how much of an anomaly this game was. So most people think a MMO needs to have over 1 million players and be at the top of twitch and youtube search, anything lower and it's a "ded gaem".  I see folks throw out numbers like 100k or 500k players, without understanding just how many people that actually is because they have been desensitized by WoW and it's astonishingly high numbers.


Anyways for BDO I would guess this game currently has around 100-150k active accounts (as in anyone, old or new, who actually logged-in in the last few months) and 4-8k active players in the game at any given time, and 85% of these people can be seen afk fishing in Heidel for days on end because thats the only thing you do in this game is afk. If this game didn't literally force you to leave you computer on for weeks at a time to do life skills, then the game world would likely be looking very similar to Archeage (before 3.0) or TERA right about now. Why? because the amount of people who are ACTUALLY at the computer playing the game at any given time would likely be hovering in the 1,000s.


"Why do I think this?"


-because I played and observed every single MMO since 05 so I have a pretty general idea of what playerbase numbers would look like in a game from experience. This is LITERALLY the only genre of games I have played and had a passion for my entire life.


"How do I know for sure?"


-I don't It's an educated guess. not a fact. A Guess.....GUESS. So don't say I'm making big bold claims as facts without evidence, like some moron will probably do in a few posts down.


"But why you gotta be so negative, you just want the game to die, you a hater"


-Well I'm sorry the most realistic numbers may hurt your feelings and your favorite game isn't as popular as the bigger established MMOs (which aren't even that big anyways). These numbers are actually still pretty good for a modern multiplayer PC game when you look at how over-saturated this market is, and I am not even talking about other genres/platforms. And obviously I don't want this game to "die" because otherwise I wouldn't be here on this forum still replying to threads, helping new people out, and defending Maehwa every 4 seconds (because scrublords just hold the biggest grudge against this class for some reason)...