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Do You Still Remember That BDO Is A Game About Grind, PvP and RNG??

That's actually why I like it so much. RNG gets a nasty name when it goes bad, but people dismiss the fact that heavy RNG is one of the few ways to actually create a world that isn't wholly predictable nor lacking in activity. More predictable and more consistent RNG would just create a game where 98% of the content isn't worth it because there become fewer and fewer "lucrative" paths compared to where RNG can fluctuate one's experience.


Like it or not, BDO is the kind of game where if you want to play seriously (and there's nothing wrong with playing more casually) you have to do things like play 8+ hours a day or create a network of workers who can get you progress while you're away at work or whatever. So you have to turn everything around, too. If enchanting/drops/whatever were more consistent and had better chances of success... that'll mean more people in crazy top gear one-shoting you.


Do You Still Remember That BDO Is A Game About Grind, PvP and RNG??


What is failed to be seen often in these discussions is that the heavy RNG and low success helps protect mid-core and casual players way more than it harms them. When top-tier gear is gated behind such brutal RNG with a chance to devolve, it keeps a check on how powerful those 8+ hour a day people can get. Playing 8 hours a day doesn't protect you from blowing up your earrings on a PEN attempt or losing your TRI Kzarka down to DUO.


Hell, I have a friendly progression competition with a guildie (we're grind partners often due to similar schedules) and he was thrilled (in a friendly way) to hear I blew up my Blade and made a hugely expensive screwup the other week because I got momentarily careless. That set me back quite a bit.


The RNG helps casual players more than it harms them if you look at the whole context and not just at the individual, momentary and ego-centric "I didn't get what I wanted". Making enchanting "better" for less hardcore players makes it insanely easy for that pinnacle hardcore group to be in full TET.


And to be frank, if you can't play multiple hours a day you should be looking at afk sources of income and just saving for whatever you want. I'd rather, myself, buy a TRI mainhand that takes me a good while to save for than to put myself through the hell that is going above DUO.