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EU Kakao Communication Policy and Server Merges

I think the point Kakao is missing is the communication management of this situation. 


All they had to do is make a news post 1-2 months ago, stating there MAY be a merge in Nov/Dec so consider making characters on other servers to benefit from it. 


If they had done that, no one could complain, no one could state they feel at a disadvantage. 


However, this will appear to most of the community as a backdoor advantage to the people who keep up with how the Korean BDO developed.


It doesn't matter that it was available to everyone, it doesn't matter if people didn't know. Its the fact that from a Community communication policy, you SHOULD have informed people of the POTENTIAL for this to occur so that you protected yourself from people complaining that they were not aware. 


Now you have created a situation where everyone has to rush to get the NEW PLAYER advantages on the other servers for 2 and half weeks, and have missed out on the Halloween boxes, which they could have had 3 goes over the 3 servers, they have missed out on the BOSS Armor from the daily login rewards, which would have given them 3 boss armor attempts, at a potential 300+million. They have missed out on 3 x Value Pack 7 days, 3 x pets, more cash from GOLDEN Dagger or PACK events....memory shards, black/sharp/hard stones, loyalty points and so so much more. 


All you have done is succeeded in alienating more of your community, REGARDLESS of whether it was common knowledge. Inevitably many people are not going to have known, and in a game such as this where every boss armor piece is a god send, and every bit of EXP bonus and Pet numbers gives you a slight advantage, you once again have caused hostility towards your company and your reputation. 


You should have learned from the Artisan Memory fiasco, where you didn't communicate that. You are dealing with Millennial generations now who are more switched on to these types of customer service oversights. 


Seriously guys, just improve your communication policy and you will prevent this from happening in future.




No one needs this cloak and dagger crap in 2016


EDIT: Just wanted to add an image of what many people have obtained across the 2 other servers which will merge into your main one....see images below:


EU Kakao Communication Policy and Server Merges

EU Kakao Communication Policy and Server Merges


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