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God Knows How Much I Love the Black Desert

322 CP / 430 energy / master+ Gather/Proc/Cook/Alch / Art8 farm

2 Boss Alts ~200AP(I got greedy with the third one - FeelsPriMan)

~25mil imperial alch/cook (was ~50% more before last patch) afk+semi-active packing

~15mil workshops (varies a lot but this is a good average and is profit, not just gross sales)afk+replenish workers every 90min

~30mil Alch/Cook (not imperial. Can be more depending on extra materials from market) afk+check every 90min (900 batches)

Gathering for Alch and occasionally for Cook depending on materials available on market. Active play 1.5-2 hours.

Farming for Alch/Cook. Active play ~30 min

Processing for workshops. afk usually overnight. (if I have a lot of materials then I will do the occasional horse training)


Enchanting on weekends(very time consuming). I will often use high demand low tier items for failstacking. When they accidentally get to TRI I sell them for ~130mil. Usually 1-2 per month.


God Knows How Much I Love the Black Desert


Investing. Buy low today sell high when the right time comes. Provided I have the capital, I always buy items that I believe to have a low price that will later give me profits. Never lost, usually profit, some times I get nothing. Daily average, impossible to estimate.


I will do the occasional yellow sturdy stone to sell from time to time but this is not even once a month anymore and the profit is not more than 2-3 mil per day when distributed on a daily average.


Bosses. I usually get a liv/awak weapon box every 4-5 bosses(?). Usually get 3mil per Kzarka / kzarka weapon box per 10-15 Kzarkas(I try to be first there though). It's difficult to make a daily average because bosses spawn times are RNG. I would estimate at the very least 4mil/day but this could be a lot more, probably 8-10+. Karanda does nothing for me and I am very bad at it. Active playtime varies a lot from 15 min to 2 hours. And on weekdays I often simply have to skip them cause otherwise no time for gathering. I try to always do Kzarka if possible.


Weekends I play 2+ more hours/day for grinding and as much as I can/like overall. I try to lose 0 time contesting. You come to my spot, I switch channel/change area immediately. I have tested that I make more exp/money when grinding in worse but uncontested areas, than I do in good contested areas, where my rotation gets constantly interrupted. I always choose areas where I one shot weak mobs/2 shot strong mobs. Difficult to estimate profits cause RNG. Maybe 7-8mil/hour, a lot more if lucky drops. If I need scrolls I will do elite runs.


I would say I make ~80mil on an average day, 100+ on good day(not counting increasing net worth ofc). Never really tried to accurately count it.  There are players making a lot more than I do, because they are better than me. Still, these numbers are achievable only by "established" players that earned certain advantages over time. Weather it be Gear/LSkills/CP or/and simply knowing the game better. These numbers are impossible for newer players.


I never have more than 500mil silver in my bank. Usually I have about 150-250mil and a preorder. This is because I constantly buy things. And because I like smoking nice stuff from time to time, I often try to remember why I bought say, 50 blue coral earrings, or 30,000 tiger mushrooms, or a T7 I don't need, u get my point... :)


I have prepared for Master Trader but leveling up is tedious even with my fast mini elephant. Overloading is a controversial thing and I'd rather kill myself than do the rolling thing. I am debating if worth or not. Probably will go for it because it is a good reason to go for master fishing too afterwards (good synergy).


I use Chrome remote desktop for most inactive play and I am close to an accessible PC practically 90% of my adult life cause my job demands so.


Hope this helps some newer players. Keep in mind that it took many months to reach this state of things. And that there are many other ways and combinations of ways to reach a nice spot in the game. Imo almost all include both afk and active play, both grinding and lifeskilling but in different portions to suit your playstyle. This is why this is such good game imo, there is room for everyone (this and boobs physics ofc).


Sorry for the wall of text. It is Friday afternoon and I have plenty of free time :) .