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How Do You Feel About Black Desert Enchantment System

I spent much time doing the math on this enchantment system that is forced upon us in this game, for gear progression. I have been upgrading all four of my boss armors, a liverto and many other things, keeping track of fail stacks and successes. I have discovered several things. I can upgrade an entire set of grunil to +15 about every 3 days, which I do in building fail stacks. Progression is as such: 1-5 are free, 6-9 are 0-7 fail stacks, 10-12 are typically 0-10 fail stacks, 13-14 are 5-20 fail stacks and 15 is typically about 5 fail stacks, before getting a successful upgrade. This is for all four pieces of grunil armor. In doing boss armor upgrades, there does not seem to be any reason to go above 25 fail stacks. The chance to succeed with 25 fail stacks and 45 fail stacks seems to be the exact same. The progression is essentially to add 5 to everything that it took for the grunil. The liverto seems to be the same up to 15, as it is for the boss armor. The major difference comes to pri, duo and so on in armor and weapons. Pri is typically around 5 fail stacks up to 15 to get success. The Duo is where it becomes muddled. I have experienced a success at 4, 7, 11, 22, 25 and 27 fail stacks. My liverto weapon succeed at 24 and 31. I have yet to succeed on a tri, and currently have fail stacks at 2, 7, 15, 27, 31, 44 and 46 to play with for any ongoing that I continue with.


How Do You Feel About Black Desert Enchantment System


I did this in hopes to better understand the system, to make the most efficient decisions, but I have discovered that there is not one. The entire system is no different than a lottery system, horribly designed, and only liked by people that enjoy gambling. There is no logic in the design, aside from trying to limit progression in the laziest way possible. I have come up with a nice comparison that I would like to use on the programmers of this system. I want to blindfold them, give them a hammer and attempt to hammer a small nail with their hand around it. If they hit their hand instead of the nail, they might get better at hitting the nail. This would be a delight, since these programmers that came up with this crap deserve the pain and it would humor me.


Joking aside, the time spent on preparing for these things takes me out of the game and makes the game more of a chore, but I have done this enough times to see that this system is complete trash, and lacks any real imagination. It is the one major flaw in this game that I can find, despite all of the whining about this and that. The servers are a problem, but that is on Daum or whatever name they want to call themselves. As for the game, the gear progression is as pathetic as I have seen in any mmo, and despite any amount of planning or approach, it will always resort into bashing your head into a wall until you just get lucky. I hear it was worse in Tera, though I did not play that. The fact that you must destroy gear for a chance to improve another is moronic. While I researched this game and planned accordingly, I went in that the game actually had a logical approach to this, but I was wrong. This is just a complete failure on PA to come up with a decent system that could make gear progression fun, which a game should be.


As most of the rest of the game is a delight, I will enjoy horse taming, exploring, fishing, farming, my worker force of 58 workers, cooking and so much more. But when it comes to gear progression, PA can shove it up their ass. I am sure that not everyone agrees with my opinion, as it is my opinion. However you enjoy the game is fantastic and I would not want to hinder that. However, I do not care about the too long did not read crap. If that is your problem, stop being a diva. Ciao.