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I can't Understand the Logic Behind Villain System of Black Desert Anymore

I don't really get it. Like I get the exact function of it as is in game right now....  but for a system that was put in place to let players PvP and actually fight each other, all the villain system does is further promote karma griefing/non PvPers (or am I crazy?).


Essentially if you flag and kill someone in Valencia now, that person (along with anyone else) has free rain to suicide into you for the next 30 minutes at which you either have to run (give up your spot), flag up and kill again (into infinity to negative 1 million karma), or die and then be put in jail for an hour (again leads you to losing the grind spot). Why is this the way it is set up? Does this make any sense? Why to the loser goes the spoils, why is it time and time again any PvPer always have the negatives and there are NO negatives to the player that just karma griefs or gets pushed out by the stronger player? 


I can't Understand the Logic Behind Villain System of Black Desert Anymore


Yes a player can keep flagging and killing all the way to 1 mill negative karma, but that isn't very realistic, yes you don't lose gems, xp, or enchants in valencia... but if you go negative 1 million you are essentially forced to stay there for literally a full day + of grinding. Karma grinding in valencia is actually terrible and takes 8+ hours to even get close to grinding that back. How is that a balanced system? How is that fair?


I just don't understand it, this whole system was touted as allowing players to actually be able to fight over grind spots without all negative consequences on the PvPer, and all this system does is actually promote even more the karma griefer.... its actually insane. When will the losing player actually see some form of consequence other than the 15 second run back from node? Hell even if you just forced the losing player to spawn town that would be enough. The whole point of being able to flag up to to push someone out of a grind spot/win it for yourself.


@CM_Aethon Why are there a dozen and a half safeguards for the player that losers so that they experience 0 negatives whatsoever (bend over backwards), yet with 0 negatives to the losing player, the winning player actually observes several heavyhanded consequences? I'd like to know I guess what is the intent/purpose of the system? What is the point of even flagging up in the game as a mechanic anymore?


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