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I feel are some of the best parts of Black Desert Online

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a West Coast guild or at least one that has good activity between 6 and 10 pm PST Weekdays and most of the weekend. I am not really interested in a gaming community whose members are spread thin playing other games or is too casual to do anything meaningful in Black Desert, but am open to the idea if the Black Desert Online division is very strong and focused.

I am looking for a fun group of skilled yet non-elitist players who are organized and active with a well laid out game plan for sieges, crafting and other aspects of the game. I devote many hours into planning outside of the game and would love to have meaningful discussions and debates with other hardcore strategists / planners.


I have been a hardcore raider in the past and enjoy group PVP as long as it is not gankfest or dirty pool. I love organized PVP tactics where a disciplined few can out maneuver a larger group which obviously requires skill and coordination. I am hoping to find a group that can achieve that rather than join a giant zerg who win by numbers rather than ingenuity and prowess.


I am also interested in a group that will focus on the non-combat aspects of the game which I feel are some of the best parts of Black Desert Online. I am not interested in a group that plans to grind and bum rush to 50 then burn out and jump to the next flavor of the month mmo on the market. I am interested in running the marathon and enjoying the scenery as we work together to build a lasting empire of engaged passionate and responsible players.


I like to hop in coms and find a fun active community whose discussions are varied and lively. I am a mature gamer but that doesn’t mean I can’t get silly or off topic in chat. I also don’t mind unfiltered chat and off color humor for that matter. What I am hoping to avoid is the insatiable bore who wants to discuss the size of his epeen or the obnoxious (often fake) drunk chick trying to get noticed. You know the types. Any way I would love to see some suggestions from the site.