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I'm really looking forward to doing everything in Black Desert Online

Hey everyone, I'm writing this little Bio up in hopes of finding a good group of people to join up with come BDO's release.  I'ts been a long time since I've been pumped for an mmo and I'm really looking forward to getting back in to the swing of it with a new game that shows a lot of promise.  


Anyhow a little about myself : I'm a mature 28 year old Firefighter / EMT from NA ( Ohio ) And I've been mmo pvping since the release of Ultima Online in 1997.  I played UO for years still haven't it installed with free server ips tbh, I dont log in though.  From there, I played Vanilla WoW - 2015 where I earned the Hero of the Horde + High Warlord titles for being in the top 0.5% of the BG boards at +2400 mmr and held the #1 sport for quite some time during Cataclysm . My long time main was a Blood elf but I haven't had interest in playing anymore since like early 2015 but really since '13 / '14.  

I also played a decent amount of DAoC and Guildwars 1. One of my Roommates was long time ranked the #1 monk in NA on GW, but I never got in to that as much as he did.  During that time, I took a detour from MMO's while playing Professional Counter - Strike 1.0 - 1.6 & Early Source.  For CS I spent  the majority of my time on numerous Top Level Cal Invite / Cevo Premier teams and attended / placed in many major lans including, MML, Lanwars, CPL '05, WCG Qualifiers, WCG Finals, ODC... among many others, those are just some of the older well known ones.  


I currently have a lot of free time to game as I'm on a 2 year contract with my local Fire Department who paid for my college fire fighting / emt courses and I've since graduated and am done with school.


I do have a couple of rl friends that have expressed interest in starting this game with me, however it doesn't hurt to look for a larger group of people that're looking to do the same things I'm into which is Primary Pvp when it comes to games of this nature. I'm a very mature, friendly, laid back guy and like to think I bring positive energy along with me during group activities.


Even If I don't end up finding a group on here, I'm still really looking forward to dropping a bunch of hours into this game and can always just meet players in game.  I've been tracking this title for a decent while now and cant recall ever looking forward to a mmo release date like i have with Black Desert Online. In excited for some more intense, Non Static / Tab target pvp. Reminds me of the old UO Days before EA bought them out. Now if only the staff would let people loot the bodies of kills.


Alright well feel free to post something on here or send me a message if you're a part of a larger group that could use someone of my skill set.


Also, I have a very good high end pc + good internet as well. So connectivity and PC Performance should never be an issue.


Part 2 - More about what I'm looking for and what I'm hoping to offer to the group I join.


I have been getting a lot of messages but I'm doing my best to shift through ones that're just standard/routine copy pasting of the same "we want you man" message to everyone looking for a guild & the guilds that're just recruiting everyone for mass quantity over quality before taking time to learn who they're letting in. I figure if I took the time to write up a little bio about myself people could at least take the time to write me a custom message, lol. As far as the mass recruiting people go, that's not a situation I'm looking to commit to. I myself am a very relaxed guy who rarely doesn't get along with people but, guilds who  just recruit anyone are bound to have clashing personalities and I can't stand listening to people bicker over their mics :P.  As for me, I'm really looking forward to doing everything in BDO but I've always taken to pvp and have excelled at it. I've done very well in every MMO I've gotton involved with, but I've also played things like professional CS and a lot of League of Legends. Different games entirely but I appreciated the three styles for the same reason, the trill of the hunt 'n Big play moments. I like the PvM / Questing side of MMOs as well, but it just doesn't provide the same adrenaline rush which is why I put an emphasis on PvP.


As for BDO 'n me, it's a game I've been really looking forward to playing for a while now.  I was quite bored with all the MMOs on the market as they were all in a very stale clone after clone like state and the pvp rush feeling was no more. BDO however, I've known for minute 1 it's going to be a game I'm going to really excel at and finally have that immersive rewarding experience with. Normally in online games no matter the genre, sooner or later I always find myself in taking charge on the field, in terms of calling objectives and lead steering my team in the direction I believe it's going to take to win.  However, with Black Desert Online I made a conscious decision to avoid playing on the KR servers while I waited for the NA release.  I've studied up on in game things quite a bit but not nearly enough, knowing full well that there would be people getting a better start than me because of the in game knowledge they'd be joining with. For me personally though, a game like this is something I've been waiting for, for like the past 4 years or so. Something tells me BDO is going to feel like the first time I played Ultima Online when I was 10 years old. Or when I first logged on to WoW and starting experience mass world battles.  I decided to sacrifice the early 1st hand knowledge, as to not cheat myself out of the Nostalgia thrill ride that I'm anticipating to get after such a long wait.


Besides that, I feel that regardless I'm going to excel past the majority player base in PvP by the time I'm maxed level because PvP is just what I do, and I do it well no matter what the game because evaluating and overcoming pvp situations in the field is who I am and I'm finally after years, I'm excited to be doing it all again.   I imagine the areas where I'll mostly end up getting off to a slower start is the PvE / Questing aspects because I know there's a ton of it to learn & take advantage of but it's not the area where I just excel in knowing what to do so my primary focus will be learning my class and the enemy classes fighting styles in order to master my skills + the skills and combos of the competition.  Having a good group though will be an advantage for me when it comes to Large Area PvP events and open world PvP but it'd also be nice to have people around to help me learn more of the PvE aspect of the game play. Then later down the road, I hope to surpass them enough to help perfect theres and others in the PvP realm of things.


PS : I've been planning on making a Sorceress since day 1 of my seeing this game forever ago.  It looks right up my alley and I'm pumped.