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I were starting bdo as a casual and just for enjoying

should be a given that the popular opinion is often wrong 


you just need some initial investment of time and information and sadly $$$ (to either get inventory slots or weight or maid outfit) and then pick a lifeskill and set it up every day for some time and check it from time to time without actively playing, after months you'll have money easily and since the game has been out for a year you can say that many people have done this already?


the richest people are just processing all day and trading once every few days , not even killing mobs because killing mobs is underpaid and if you bothered checking the forum i even recently made a thread talking about the issue


I were starting bdo as a casual and just for enjoying


There are different ways to get rich in bdo and many are ever-changing or secret (like supplying the market with something) but there's also fishing (for which you'll need an inventory boost and persistence and to fish ocean/hotspots and rely on money from that since it was recently buffed) which doesnt pay very much, processing which pays quite a lot if you do things that are needed and then there are having workers collect stuff and selling or processing that stuff and then theres trading


basically all i can tell you is that there are ways to make money without playing actively all day - this knowledge should be enough to get you started, if you can't be bothered of researching yourself then you're probably not very motivated in the first place and its pointless to do it because motivation is everything


another thing i can tell you is that enchants matter more than gear grade so tet liverto or grunil is better than tri boss gear and they're also same price (and often sold on the market) and you can rather "easily" even get very competitive gear. PEN grunil is underrated (and has been sold many times) and is better than TET boss gear set probably which costs billions and months of hard work to get, the only problem with non-boss gear is that it lacks accuracy and evasion (both of which are important stats for pvp) but there are ways around this if you understand the game and how stats work 


personally if i were starting bdo as a casual and had limited time but the knowledge i have now, i would not aim towards boss gear at all and i would aim towards normal armors with high enchants, the only boss item i would probably bother with is kzarka and the rest are not as important as enchants are important, you'll just have to get extra accuracy to compensate for lack of bheg gloves (on offhand/accessories) and to be aware of how your defense works  


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