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New Black Desert Gathering Map Guide

I have finalized for most part the new website and can now make public for others.

Normally i take a look at Black Desert Tome and Foundry worldmap websites, but they have problems:

- wrong names (most translated from Korea?)

- wrong nodes

- wrong farm nodes info (wrong item names too)

- pretty static and limited (most are fixed javascript data)

- you cannot add much for others and that is it...

Because Tome is also "official" map for BDO ingame, it's very shameful to see many errors.


Because many wrong data and pretty much missing data i want for my gameplay, i decided to make a new website and fill it up with better updated data.

The new website has more flexible database and better controlled on correct data. Users can help to fill up the database with more resources information and drops.

What can you do with my website?


- find NPCs (also items from NPC Traders / Node Management)

- find nodes

- find items from farm nodes

- find resources and items from "loot tables"

- mark fish spots and add own loot tables

- mark worldboss places and own loot tables

- special spawns and more...

- more resources ... you can add almost everything and mark them on map.

There will more features planned but important part is now working.


You will see i have not added all nodes. That is because nodes on Tome and Foundry are still wrong. I need confirmed nodes with correct names, not wrong ones.

While i am playing, i will keep adding data on the website. The nodes you see now are all verified. (without ? behind names)


If you like my website very much, you may register and contact me for editing permission.

Please help to fill up the database.

De icons will used from, just to make clear. Not all data is needed from bddatabase because it's only for gathering and finding NPCs.


Here are some screenshots and what you can do with the bdomap:


New Black Desert Gathering Map Guide


Every resource will have some screenshots so you can recognize it better ingame how it looks. Traders have locations with list of items.

That makes Guild Trade missions easier and you can do quicker. Soon will more NPCs added to the database on every place.


New Black Desert Gathering Map Guide


For gathering, the website will have more database for it to find good places to farm. You can add every resource and place many spots on the map. This is very useful for new players where they should farm. Useful for Guild Gathering missions.


New Black Desert Gathering Map Guide


The farm nodes have better clear overview which items they have for workers. You can easy search for it!


New Black Desert Gathering Map Guide


And the unique feature, is add own farm spots. Here you can for example place many own fishing spots and each spot has own loot table and chances. You can now find easier needed item and where you can get it! The screenshots will also help you where it is.