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One of the smoothest Black Desert Online Headstarts/Launches ever

First off let me say im 34 and ive been playing online games since i was 10(1991) starting with


As a conq pre-order purchaser(x2 , 1 for me & 1 for my fiancee) I would like to give Daum a round of applause for the stellar launch of this game. While its early access has not been without its draw backs, namely pre-order Black Desert Online item debacle and players being transferred to undesired servers, its been one of the smoothest launches ive ever been apart of, and ive been apart of alot.


Positive Points

Connection - Its been almost flawless. I live in Florida, my Fiancee England(we play NA). Aside from the initial mass bombardment of the login/authentication server at 3am(est) on the 28th, which i might add only took me 15 minutes to get ingame, the occassional rubberbanding(more-so for my fiancee) from crowded area and the next wave of pre-orders logging into the game, its been smooth-as------. My Fiancee and myself have not once lost connection to the server, and i spent most of my sleeping and general "not being at my computer" time afk fishing and have come back everytime to me still being in game.


Mob Density - It has been adjusted(boosted) for all of us temporarily(imp's bottleneck disaster in CBT2).


Communication - While to not everyones satisfaction, namely people that want direct replies to their own personal questions and statements....IMMEDIATELY, has been clear and concise and delivered in not only a timely manner but in simple ways that even those of us with limited IQ can understand.


Compensation - We are getting it. Plain and simple. We are getting something because we have to wait. Since when is having patience rewardable with free stuff? Its also quite a good compensation, regardless of what level of headache we as a consumer had to endure.


Negative Points


Pre-Order Item Delays/Dupes - Ya im not going to lie, i would fall into the category of "pissed off & impatient people". I, like most of us dont like having to wait for 48 hours or longer in order to receive items i have purchased. What seems like a relatively simple task for the company to accomplish ended up being a disaster(admittedly only until the 3rd till its resolved). Not only having to wait but the thought of some turd burger running around with my items pissed me off. I would like to state to not only myself but to everyone else, grow up. These are not real items, we can live without them for a little while.


Characters Transferred to Wrong Server - While i was not affected by this and i cannot without biased really state an opinion about this, i will say this. That Sucks. I would not say this or the previous problem stated are game breaking but definitely this would(for the people affected) fall into the category of "Are you effing kidding me?".


Challenges Ahead(Actual Launch)


Server/Channel Capacity - This will become apparent if its gone well or badly come the 3rd(launch day). Will we become over crowded and be scrapping by with over populated combat zones? Lets hope Daum can actively and rapidly deploy more channels if this happens.


Cash Shop Opens - Will we see massive delays and failed deliveries of items bought off the cash shop like we did with pre-order Black Desert Online items.


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